The top 10 loveliest campsite aquatic parks in Croatia

  • The top 10 loveliest campsite aquatic parks in Croatia
  • Belvedere campsite
  • Bijela Uvala campsite
  • Resort Amarin campsite
  • Polari campsite
  • Park Umag campsite
  • Strasko campsite
  • Veštar campsite
  • Čikat campsite
  • Lanterna campsite
  • Solaris Beach Resort Campsite
  • Croatia and its dream countryside will make you dream. To discover the pearl of the Adriatic, the campsite presents its share of advantages Indeed, beyond simply providing a location and a place to sleep, an open-air hotel enables you to take advantage of a multitude of facilities, and one of the warmest surroundings.

    In Croatia, the hours of sunshine on the Adriatic coast reach on average 2,600 hours per year. As a consequence, all holidaymakers therefore expect facilities enabling them to fully make the most of the heat, whilst being able to cool themselves down. A wish which is completely taken into account by Croatian campsites which are redoubling their efforts to provide aquatic complexes, which are each more impressive than the others.

    To assist you to choose your dream campsite for your next holiday in Croatia, discover the Campings.Luxe selection of the loveliest campsite aquatic parks in the country.

    The top 10 loveliest campsite aquatic parks in Croatia
  • 10/10

    Belvedere campsite

    Enjoy the charm of the Belvedere campsite. An open-air hotel by the Adriatic offering an idyllic setting for your holiday. As regards aquatic areas, there are two delightful lagoons promising you lovely moments of relaxation. With a fantastic view over the sea, swim within an exceptional setting. Plenty to put stars in the eyes of all holidaymakers.

    A minor feature about the campsite: it borders the Adriatic. The campsite has one of the most delightful private beaches. A vast stretch of sand plunges into blue waters. A feast for the eyes and the mind. For want of making the most of an impressive water slide, enjoy the natural setting which the Belvedere campsite offers you. Parents and children will only be captivated by the spell of this dream campsite.

    Belvedere campsite
  • 9/10

    Bijela Uvala campsite

    The Bijela Uvala campsite is one of the most delightful open-air hotels by the Adriatic. With no less than 3 aquatic areas, one of which opened in 2017, it promises delightful aquatic times to its holidaymakers. Lagoons, a paddling pool and water play facilities are fully integrated within the campsite’s landscape.

    For even more entertainment, a multitude of other services and facilities are offered to holidaymakers. Added to this is a choice location for one of the most delightful stays in Novigrad.

    Bijela Uvala campsite
  • 8/10

    Resort Amarin campsite

    As with a multitude of campsites in Croatia, the Resort Amarin has an offering full of appeal for its holidaymakers. Indeed, this open-air luxury hotel, offers an exceptional setting for swimming. Facing the deep colours of the Adriatic you will have the opportunity to relax. Made up of several pools, this complex has plenty to appeal to the entire family. In addition, a paddling pool enables children to make the most of it in complete safety.

    In addition to a heavenly aquatic park, this campsite can boast having a range of on-site services. Holidaymakers can take advantage of a large supermarket, as well as a multitude of other services. Perfect for those not wishing to leave the campsite!

    Resort Amarin campsite
  • 7/10

    Polari campsite

    Located 600 mètres from the beaches, the Polari campsite has a dream location in Croatia. Those of you who cannot wait to put your head underwater and relax, will love the campsite’s aquatic park. Comprised, amongst other elements, of a vast pool and water play games, it enables families to have fun in the most delightful of settings. It is a little oasis of greenery that you are going to be able to get settled into for the period of your holidays.

    Obviously, if the aquatic park is not enough to satisfy your swimming desires, you have plenty of time to go to the beaches at the coast. Beautiful stretches of sand await you, as well as crystal-clear waters. A postcard setting for the greatest delight of the entire family.

    You will by now have understood that this aquatic complex has undeniable appeal which can only convince you that the Polari campsite is the ideal location for spending your holidays in Croatia.

    Polari campsite
  • 6/10

    Park Umag campsite

    Amongst the most top-of-the-range campsites in Croatia, Park Umag is a genuine little heaven on earth. Although there is no shortage of reasons to highlight the numerous benefits of this open-air hotel, it is particularly acknowledged for its exceptional aquatic park. A genuine temple for swimming, this complex has a multitude of facilities guaranteeing the entertainment of the campsite’s holidaymakers. Having an 800 m² surface area, it has a lagoon swimming pool, Jacuzzis, a large paddling pool and other facilities. The paddling pool attracts the attention of all children thanks to its replica of Captain Cook’s pirate ship. A play facility within which your little ones will love spending time. Whilst children will have so much fun, parents will be able to relax on sunloungers generously laid out around the various pools.

    The Park Umag aquatic park is a genuine little jewel within which families will take a great delight in playing and taking advantage of. In addition to that, there are a multitude of sports and leisure facilities, as well as a choice location to discover the secrets of the Adriatic coast.

    Park Umag campsite
  • 5/10

    Strasko campsite

    Relax on the waterfront, opposite the sea. Isn’t this the ultimate aim for a successful holiday? Make the most of an exceptional space to recharge your batteries. Large pools by the sea offer the perfect setting for an afternoon of idleness. Would you prefer to swim in the sea? You only need go a few steps to get to the campsite’s private beach. A genuine delight! Your children will also find plenty to amuse themselves in complete safety. Water play games and a shallow area set aside for them, delight all children!

    This campsite has everything for a perfect family location. Within an ideal setting, it is a real haven of peace for your well being. You will love relaxing on the campsite’s private beach or doing a few strokes in the swimming pool. Allow yourself to be enchanted by Croatia’s natural setting.

    Strasko campsite
  • 4/10

    Veštar campsite

    The Veštar campsite is one of the campsites which thinks of the entire family’s well-being. So that everyone can have fun to their satisfaction, this open-air hotel, located a few minutes from Rovinj, offers lovely swimming areas. With a vast aquatic complex and its multitude of water play facilities, everyone can have fun! In addition, for even more fun, the campsite has direct beach access. The pools having a sea view, you will no longer have to chose between the sea and the swimming pool, since it is possible to do both at the same time. Plenty to delight families and avoid lots of arguments.

    Being amongst one of the loveliest aquatic areas of Croatia, the Veštar complex offers you undeniable comfort. Do not hesitate and make a quick booking for your next stay in this wonderful open-air hotel.

    Veštar campsite
  • 3/10

    Čikat campsite

    Let’s continue our tour of the loveliest aquatic areas of Croatian campsites, with that of the Čikat campsite. A small marvel for families. Such a rosy dream, this complex arises in the form of multiple excesses and fun. Extensive and beautiful spaces reveal themselves to you. With an almost 2,400 m² surface area, this aquatic area is considered one of the most comprehensive across all of Croatia. Yes, as in addition to a wave of blue before your eyes, you will have time to make the most of various facilities. Several pools, well being facilities and water play games for children make up the perfect entirety, so that the whole family can have fun and relax to their liking.

    One thing is for certain, you are going to amazed by it. As much by the variety and complementary nature of the facilities, as by the pool spaces themselves. Add to this aquatic park high-class accommodation, a warm atmosphere and a dream situation and you have the perfect campsite where you can stay for your holiday in Croatia!

    Čikat campsite
  • 2/10

    Lanterna campsite

    Let us now go and discover one of the loveliest campsites in Croatia. The Lanterna, located between Novigrad and Poreč, is an entire open-air dream hotel where you can stay. Its more than perfect location, in the heart of an oasis of greenery with direct access to the beach, has a multitude of advantages. In addition to this heavenly décor, there are amazing aquatic parks, amongst the most beautiful in Croatia. In the heart of this dream holiday resort, surrounded by greenery or by the beach, the various pools and water play facilities will delight the entire family. Water slides, water games, replica pirate ships and even pools dedicated to relaxation are facilities which are an integral part of the campsite offering.

    Lanterna campsite
  • 1/10

    Solaris Beach Resort Campsite

    A slice of the dream by the Adriatic Here is what the Solaris Beach Resort campsite is able to offer you. A slice of the dream, as this open-air hotel has plenty for the entire family to agree about. Indeed, although we are often forced to choose between the appeal of an area or entertainment, this campsite is one of those which combines these two criteria wonderfully. For those seeking Olympic peace and dream surroundings, this holiday resort has a large swimming pool by the sea. One of the most delightful spaces where you can swim and relax with, as a backdrop, the colours of the Adriatic. A daydream to experience at the Solaris Beach Resort.

    Is your dream very different to that mentioned above? Or are you instead an enthusiast for water slides, water play games and major water fights? This campsite, unique in Croatia, will surprise you! Just a stone’s throw from the campsite is a vast aquatic park. With a multitude of entertainment, it promises gorgeous afternoons to share as a family or with friends!

    Solaris Beach Resort Campsite
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