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Ascent to the peak

Acknowledged as one of the loveliest footpaths of Corsica, this hike of 7 kilometres by the sea offers you, with every step, an ever more fabulous landscape: the rose granite of the cliff mixed with the blue turquoise of the sea is picture-postcard scenery.

From the Capo Rosso car park, it will take you around 1 hour 40 minutes to reach the Genoese watchtower in Turghu, constructed to in excess of 330 metres high. A stone stairway enables you to climb to the top of the campanile and gaze at the magnificent 360° view over the rocky inlets of the town of Piana and the Golfe de Scandola bay The path itself is not difficult, but in particular do not forget to bring shoes adapted to the walk and several bottles of water, as there is no shade on the footpath.

An ecological treasure

Jammed in between the Capo Rosso peninsula and the Golfe de Galéria bay, this 2,000 hectare nature reserve can only be accessed by boat. During your boat trip, you will enjoy the particularly rich fauna surrounding you. Moreover it is not a rare occurrence to be face-to-face with a dolphin so keep your eyes wide open. From Porto or Galéria, a multitude of shuttle service boats enable you to discover this wonderful landscape. Generally the tour includes a stop in Girolata, a former shepherds’ village, which offers visitors a magnificent viewpoint.

We recommend that you hire a small boat, without needing a licence to explore Scandola on your own. Using this form of small craft, you will be able to enter caves and the faults which punctuate the route, unlike with large pleasure craft.

Corsica’s red diamond

Except for the Ficajola beach surrounded by fishermen’s houses, or that of Arone it is truly rare to find an area of beach where you can to go swimming in the vicinity of Piana. There is nothing better than hiring a small boat and to navigate within the rocky inlets to find a little piece of heaven. Choose the perfect place to moor and plunge into the water. Make the most of the translucent water to practice snorkelling so as to explore Corsica’s seabeds a little closer.

Some boat hirers offer you tourist trips within the rocky inlets including several swimming stops. Have a guided commentary from your captain: you will love it!

The eagle’s eyrie

Perched on the summit of a rocky promontory, the citadel of Corte enchants visitors as much as it surprises them. To contemplate this picturesque building, follow the straight alleyways which punctuate the hill through the town centre. Within the building, the Corsica Museum relates the island’s history through several exhibitions.

The lower section of the island’s former capital now accommodates the majority of shops. Stop for lunch so as to enjoy a number of Corsican specialities: brocciu cheese, capocollo pork cut, pancetta (salt-cured pork belly bacon). For dessert, head for the excellent cake shop “Casanova” to taste their ice cream with marron glacé (ice cream with chestnut preserved in and coated with sugar) or their famous Falculella (cakes including brocciu and orange zest): what a delight!

A picturesque village

Linking the villages of Evisa and Ota, the Gorges de la Spelunca (Spelunca gorges) provide one of the most enjoyable excursions on the Isle of Beauty. For a peaceful day alternating walking and idleness, opt for a shaded hike by the river. There are various possibilities for your route with a greater or lesser level of difficulty according to their length. We advise you to start at the Pont génois bridge (2 kilometres from Ota) and get to the Pont de Zaglia, also a bridge. If you wish to continue as far as the village of Evisa, you should know that the climb is tough and the scenery less enjoyable.

Come lunchtime, stop for a picnic by the river. Along the path, a multitude of natural pools invite you for a swim. Oscillating between 20 and 25°C, the water temperature offers you the perfect cool down.

The small +

Into the wild

For lovers of hikes, the Golfe de Porto bay conservation area is the perfect playground! A multitude of routes by the sea or in the heart of the mountains offer you magnificent scenery. It is best to buy a guide listing all of the route possibilities - even the most secret. It is the best means to get off the beaten track.

Golfe de Porto bay it’s:

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