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The dawn of the menhirs

Stop in Carnac to discover some 3,000 menhirs erected between 5000 and 2000 BC on the sites in Le Ménec and Kermario. Enthusiasts of palaeolithic history will be delighted to cover the 4 kilometres of footpaths which run alongside the alignments. A guided visit of around 1 hour and 15 minutes will reveal to you the multitude of mysteries which circulate around these Megalithic sites. You will also be able to complete the visit taking the tourist train for children’s greatest pleasure!

Useful information: entry to the alignments is free between October and March, but you have to pay to visit between April and September.

The pearl of the bay

Once newly disembarked after a short shuttle crossing from Port Blanc, it only remains for you to get on your bike. This distinctive island in the shape of a cross offers you a lovely day’s ride over 14 kilometres of footpaths which run alongside the natural sites. On your way, you will pass several Neolithic sites notably the Cromle’ch de Kergonan circle and standing stones and the Pen Hap dolmen on the south of the island. Make the most of the La Grande Plage beach for a swimming stop having picnicked in the Bois d’Amour forest. Do not delay stopping in the fishing villages, to see these typical white houses with their blue shutters a little more closely. To come by bicycle, you are spoilt for choice! There are a multitude of hirers within the vicinity of the landing stage. Don’t forget to pick up a map of the island from the tourist office.

City of art and history

Your visit to Vannes starts opposite the port, in the vicinity of Place Gambetta. Take the time to sit down on a bench in the shade of the fragrant lime trees and opposite the sea, to watch the ballet of boats leaving the port. After this moment of peace, enter through the Porte St Vincent gateway for a timeless journey in the heart of the old town. On your way, you will pass evidence of the past, such as the half-timbered coloured houses or even the authentic ramparts which run alongside the historic centre. Don’t delay in losing yourself in the alleyways, with your head in the air, so as to contemplate the scenery. End your visit by walking down into the gardens located at the foot of the ramparts. There you will find a wash house of the era located by the stream which runs alongside this colourful park: the perfect spot to take your souvenir photos!

A trip on the sea

It will take you at least a day to cover the entire Rhuys peninsula. Start at the west headland and head for Arzon. Newly renovated, in the past, the Pen Castel windmill operated in line with the movement of the tides. Enter inside the monument to see exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and even puzzles to fathom. Outside the windmill, the spectacle of water passing underneath the windmill is impressive especially at high tide.

Continue on your way towards the Cairn du Petit Mont. Reaching 36 metres above sea level at its highest point, it offers a view directly from above over the Golfe of Morbihan islands. This imposing Neolithic monument built 6,000 years ago has both served as a sanctuary upon its construction but also as a bunker during World War II. Favour the guided tour so to know all of the details of this site through the ages!

For adventure, cross the village of Sarzeaux to contemplate its majestic château, St Gildas de Rhuys to encounter its famous artists, St Armel for a gourmet visit to the Biscuiterie des Vénètes (a biscuit maker using organic ingredients)…. There is so much to discover!

Delight on a plate!

Gourmets are not left out in the Golfe du Morbihan bay. What could be more typical than enjoying the area’s specialities, in a restaurant opposite the river watching the comings and goings of boats in the port of Auray. At lunchtime, order a Galette à l’Andouille de Guémené (a smoked cooked sausage galette made from chitterlings eaten cold) which has made Brittany so well known. If you have hunger pangs during the day, dash and buy a salted butter caramel niniche from a sweet shop. This strange lollipop is a Quiberon speciality! Come the evening, sit down on a bar terrace and order grilled sardines with a wheat crêpe for dessert…You are sure to have a delicious meal!

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Beauty Queen

Since 1966, the Gulf of Morbihan entered into the selective group of the most beautiful bays in the world owing to its extraordinary fauna and flora, but also for its remarkable and attractive natural spaces. Hooray!

Golfe du Morbihan bay it’s:

2,000Megalithic and archaeologicalsites

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