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The so-called “Wonder of the Western World”

Discover this prestigious location on the heights of Mont St Michel. Built in AD 708, this exceptional monument offers visitors an amazing architectural diversity. Be told the story of this building, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in one of the guided tours on offer throughout the day! We recommend that you complete your visit via the terrace.

If you have hunger pangs after your visit, meet at the restaurant La Mère Poulard to enjoy its famous omelette cooked over a wood fire: a genuine delight for those fond of food!

A matchless viewpoint

The main streets being punctuated by souvenir shops, we recommend that you take the steps located at the entrance immediately after the King’s Gate, which will take you directly to the ramparts. Take time to stroll along the fortifications and open your eyes wide to contemplate the amazing view across the bay and the house rooftops. Stop at the North Tower - it is the perfect viewpoint for successful photos!

At high tide, the ascent of the water is even more spectacular as the sea completely covers the access road to Mont St Michel. If you look closely, you will certainly see the Mascaret wave; this 50 cm wave surges into the Bay and offers a playground for kayakers.

Saddle up!

Whether bare foot or on horseback, discover landscapes which are unique in the world. During this expedition across the bay, you will be able to see various types of marine birds and catch sight of the small island of Tombelaine, located 3 km from Mont St Michel. With a 2 hour crossing, or rides during the day, the majority of equestrian centres located in the area offer you personalised rides, always accompanied by an instructor. Beginners should not panic, these rides are adapted for all levels of riders, even novices!

If you have opted to make the crossing on foot, it is highly recommended that you set off with a guide. Owing to the shifting sands, and the tide which goes up extremely high, the walk can quickly become dangerous.

You will lick your lips

Renowned for their incomparable taste, these lambs have the peculiarity of being raised on the pastures of the Mont St Michel Bay. Their unique flavour comes from the grass, irrigated by the seawater that is rich in salt, upon which such animals feed. Enjoy this inimitable piece of meat in the exceptional setting of the restaurant Le Pré Salé. A piece of advice, order roasted loin of lamb with garlic cream sauce…Quite delicious!

Take cover!

Upon leaving Mont St Michel, stop at a theme park, Alligator Bay, for a unique thrill-seeking experience. At the heart of a recreated forest or an African oasis follow the route punctuated by observatories overlooking the enclosures. Glass tunnels and pyramids have been built within the enclosures to enable you to approach these reptiles more closely.

Thanks to activities and feeding sessions organised by the park, the snakes, crocodiles and dragons no longer hold any secrets for you. If you are fortunate, you will even be able to stroke giant African tortoises.

The small +

Day and night

Every day, parking is free from 7 p.m. so take advantage of an evening trip to Mont St Michel. At the end of the day, the streets are deserted; it is perfect to wander undisturbed and without the hustle and bustle of tourists.

In July and August, discover a poetic evening route with varied lighting, mirror games, the entirety in a bewitching musical atmosphere.

Mont Saint Michel it’s:

12 inhabitants live there for the entire year
2nd most visited monumentin France
An average of 2,331,639curiousvisitors per year

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