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Loosen the ropes

Departing from Perros Guirec, climb aboard the famous launches for a guided tour of the 7 islands and their sea bird ballet. You will catch a glimpse in the distance, of the granite rocks which spring out of the sea, surmounted by thousands of birds flying through the air. A favourite nesting location of the northern gannet, no less than 27 species of fowl, or more than 23,000 pairs, have been counted here. This nature reserve also houses around 30 grey seals which bask on the rocks.

To protect this fragile biodiversity, access in the archipelago is limited and you have to view this scenery from the boat. Nevertheless you can get off on the Île aux Moines to stop opposite the Côte de Granit Rose (Pink Granite Coast).

The summit of Brittany

Gaining altitude in the Armoricain Massif This wild territory punctuated by lakes, rivers and heather massifs is the gateway to the Monts d’Arrée mountain range. During your ascent up to Roc'h Ruz, you will pass on your way the parish closes, as well as delightful chapels surrounded by heathland as far as the eye can see. Reaching its highest point at 385 metres, you will thus dominate the mountainous landscape from Brittany’s highest summit.

If you are wanting even more, we recommend that you hike as far as Mont St Michel de Brasparts. A small chapel erected at its summit enables you to make out other mountains. On the way back you will discover, at the foot of the mountain, megalithic menhirs consisting of around 20 rocks. Legend has it that those taking part in a marriage were not paying attention to a priest who wished to cross the heath. As punishment for their ignorance in this regard, he turned them to stone at the end of the festivities.

The Breton Fort Boyard

Surrounded by emerald-coloured waters, this fort towers majestically at the gateway to the Baie de Morlaix. Built in the 16th century, serving as a bastion against possible attacks from the English, this fort first became a prison then a second residence, before being abandoned at the end of the 1980s. Restored over a period of 8 years, it now accommodates holidaymakers seeking adventure.

During the boat crossing, make the most of detailed commentaries about the buildings which punctuate the landscape. We recommend you leave from the port of Plougasnou, as for the same price the crossing is twice the length and far prettier. Upon arrival, a guided tour combining drama and stories reveals the secrets of the building to you. Costumes of the time are available for your use, so do not hesitate to don them for your souvenir photos. It is compulsory to stop on the roof, where the site offers you the loveliest viewpoint across the bay!

A unique setting

Have a round of golf and make the most of the exceptional panorama of the seaside - it is indeed possible! Opposite the Baie de Morlaix, this 9-hole course welcomes players of all levels. Protected from dominant winds by the surrounding forest, make the most of a lush course overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Le Clouët beach. From beginners to improvers of all levels, lessons are offered to you through the entire year!

1,800 metres on foot - that wears away your trainers!

Created in 1791 and formerly used by customs officers to fight against smuggling, this footpath is now the preferred circuit for families and with every reason: the walk is easy to cover as there is little which is uneven, and in addition it is accessible to pushchairs!

This symbolic Grande Randonnée footpath (long hiking trail - GR 34), runs alongside a distance of more than 1,800 km - the entirety of the Breton coast. The prettiest section of the walk is situated between Perros Guirec and Ploumana’ch (presented with the TV award “Preferred Village of the French” in 2015) on the magnificent so called Pink Granite Coast. Allow around 2 hours to walk from one town to the other.

Follow the white and red markers amongst the pink rocks, sculpted by erosion and the turquoise sea. A genuine moment of escape in this magical scenery.

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Against the clock

Before planning a trip out on the sea, always pay attention to the tide times as it is these which govern departure and arrival times for boat trips out. A word of advice, call the various boat transport companies to know the daily opening times.

The Baie de Morlaix bay it’s:

27speciesof birds
230daysof sunshine

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