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Upon top of the cliffs

A multitude of walks start in the village of Etretat. Criss-cross the pathways overhanging the English Channel, so as to reach the peak of this hike: the Belval Needle. This rocky peak towers above the sea, reaching a height of 70 metres. You will easily find a path which enables you to descend to the foot of the cliff.

Attention however as the descent occurs by a series of fairly steep steps. At low tide, you are also able to access the beach, and walk alongside the sea to reach Etretat.

To quote the song by Jacques Brei, “You wished to see Honfleur and have seen Honfleur.”

Have a delightful stop over in the maritime port of Honfleur to glimpse the collection of lovely sailing boats and luxury yachts along the shore. Also discover the old ships, bearing witness to Honfleur’s maritime past, examples being La Sainte Bernadette or Le Marie-Madeleine. The old dock, as sailors call it, offers walkers a beautiful view, typical of Normandy, with the series of tall houses of various sizes and tightly packed.

Sea, Swimming and Sun

Deauville wouldn’t be Deauville without its mythical parasols. Immortalise the moment by taking some photos with these colourful objects, in the background, which have given the town its reputation. Make the most of a walk on Les Planches, the beachside catwalk, so as to feed your curiosity ! The Beach huts have the names of cinema celebrities who have been here: Lelouch, Ian McKellen, Michael Douglas, Orlando Bloom and many others….

After a day’s sunbathing, when the sun goes down sit down on one of the lovely terraces, by the beach, to sip a cocktail and make the most of the view!

Immediately take-off

Take to the skies for a pure moment of freedom and have a 360 degree view of the Côte Fleurie! Accompanied by a professional pilot, discover the panorama of the Seine Maritime and the landscape of the Baie de Somme estuary from the air. More often than not, the flight comes with a commentary, so it is the chance to learn a little bit more about Normandy’s history and heritage.

History with a capital “H”

Walk in the steps of the Second World War fighters, on the landing beaches. A genuine open-air museum, evidence of the past is still, very much, anchored into the ground: bunkers, shell holes, cemeteries and other such vestiges.

There are many ways for you to organise your tour, but you absolutely must not miss the essential sites: the Mémorial de Caen museum (covering World War Two and 20th century conflict), Omaha beach and the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial and Utah beach. Other must-sees are the D-Day Museum (on the Normandy Landings) and the Pointe du Hoc promontory…We advise you to allow at least 2 days to see everything.

The small +

A mysterious treasure

The cliffs of Etretat owe their renown to the adventures of the famous Arsène Lupin. In his story “The Hollow Needle”, Maurice Leblanc evokes a mysterious treasure bringing together the most beautiful rubies and sapphires, which are hidden in the Aiguille de Belval (the Belval Needle). It only remains for you to confirm this!

The Cliffs of Etretat it’s:

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