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The Gironde Sahara

At 110 metres high, the largest dune in Europe does not go unnoticed on the Landes coast. Standing magnificent, between the turquoise sea and the pine forest, this 2.7 kilometres stretch of sand provides visitors with an unforgettable memory. To reach the crest of the dune, favour the steps, as climbing in the sand proves testing and far more difficult. Upon arriving at the top, the panoramic view over the Arcachon Basin and the Landes forest, makes you forget the effort of the ascent. Comfortably settled on this “cloud” of fine sand, make the most of the panorama!

You should plan on taking water as contrary to how it appears, the excursion proves fairly long and there is no shade to protect you from the sun. Winter sports (luge, skiing and others) are prohibited on the dune, but for a unique and exceptional descent, you are able to hurtle down the slope on a hang glider or paraglider.

In the water

The campsite, Le Domaine des Grands Lacs, offers holidaymakers a multitude of possibilities for freshwater swimming: the Lac du Sanguinet natural lake is the perfect landmark for families to splash about without being disturbed, or do water sports such as sailing, stand up paddle boarding or even catamaran sailing. The clear water and the surrounding forest give it the air of a wild Pacific lagoon. The slightly shallow water enables the water temperature to hover between 24°C and 28°C.

The smallest lake is a wild area, a genuine fishing reserve for such enthusiasts! Renowned for its annual carnivore competition, the Lac de Parentis freshwater lake houses one of the rare French seaplane bases. A genuine heaven for aquatic fauna and flora, it is also haven of peace for nature lovers who wish to bask in the sunshine in complete peace.

Guarding the headland

Rebuilt in 1949 following the ravages of the Second World War, this red and white magnificent lighthouse proudly stands 57 metres above sea level and opposite the sea. During your visit, start by surmounting the 258 steps separating you from the summit and discover the breathtaking view on offer to you: the Île aux Oiseaux island, the Dune du Pilat, the oyster park... A viewpoint indicator and an enhanced reality application will enable you to learn more about the surrounding area. On the ground floor, the themed exhibition rooms take you on an interactive voyage through the development of both cartography and navigation.

Fondness for food in its pure form

Renowned for its produce with matchless freshness, the Andernos market is the meeting place for all those who love local gastronomy. There is an indoor market accessible everyday in summer, and an open-air market on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

According to the seasons, travel in the gourmet worlds of the Arcachon Basin: fish soup, fried rainbow smelt, Sole Meunière (sole with brown butter sauce, parsley and lemon) Crépinette (small flattened sausage)…Discover the flavours that you will, moreover, not find anywhere else!

A wild Eden

In the middle of the Arcachon Basin, the Île aux Oiseaux allows itself to be buried according to the tides, simply allowing its cabins on stilts to stand out. These famous houses mounted on stilts, are the only remaining traces of the presence of sailors: without running water or electricity, these Robinson Crusoes are keen to protect this small piece of heaven from pollution. The isle owes its name to the multitude of fowl which arrange to flock there in all seasons: egrets, woodcocks, moorhens, teals…

Only accessible at high tide, the best means to discover the island is the kayak. After exploring, you will be able to go underneath the cabins on stilts and draw alongside the deck to visit them. Change of scenery and tranquillity guaranteed!

The small +


Every year, the dune moves 4 metres inland, engulfing everything in its path. This phenomenon is essentially due to the high tides and the wind strength. Over around 40 years, assuming its progression continues at the same rate, it is likely to reach the Biscarosse road, and therefore bury all of the campsites in the vicinity.

The Dune du Pilat it’s:

107metresin altitude
60,000,000m3of sand

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