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On your marks…Ready? Get set. Paddle!

If you wish to discover the Ardèche gorges another way, then take your paddle with both hands and let yourself go with the rate of the rapids. Open your eyes wide and make the most of the amazing countryside which looms ahead of you. Numerous spots alongside the river have been set out to enable you to swim. We recommend that you stop in Vallon Pont d’Arc to take several souvenir photos in front of the famous bridge.

For a two-day descent by canoe, do not forget to book your pitch on one of the two bivouac half-way camps, situated in the heart of the Gorges de l’Ardèche Nature Reserve.

For hire of your kayak/canoe, we recommend that you to go to Castor Canoë. In addition to a warm atmosphere and a detailed briefing, you are offered a café before departure. Upon your return, you are offered a small glass of rosé before saying goodbye: we approve of this!

20,000 leagues under the sea

Discovered in 1995, the Grotte Chauvet cave, has been closed to the public for several years to protect the treasures that it houses. Do not panic as a life-sized recreation was built in 2015, only a few metres from the original: the frescos have been identically copied and the technical teams have gone as far as reproducing the humidity, the smells and the temperature of the cave. Thrills and spills guaranteed!

Like adventurers in search of treasure, go out and explore prehistory in an extraordinary journey through time. Through its 400 metre length, the Pont d’Arc cavern reveals to you more than 1000 rock drawings, each more amazing than the others. During your guided tour, also make the most of a play route with children’s play activities.

The King of the Jungle

Launch into this immense spider’s web spun between the greenery. Armed with a harness and some karabiners, cover the monkey bridges, climb above the trees, and leap across multiple Tyrolienne traverses which punctuate the course.

Special mention for the very long descent which forces you to cross the river and offers you an exceptional panorama! Perfect for scorching times, as the majority of activities take place within the freshness of the countryside, and you can even swim in the Ardèche river which flows below.

Several establishments offer this type of activity by the river but we recommend that you visit Adventure Camp: a multitude of activities are on offer to you in addition to treetop adventure (via ferrata - a protected climbing route, paintballing, Olympiads…). .

By bicycle

Reaching its highest point at in excess of 1,550 metres high, the most famous volcano in France is a genuine playground for mountain biking enthusiasts Several routes adapted for cyclists enable you to discover the Ardèche countryside, passing in the vicinity of Mont Gerbier de Jonc (a mountain in the Massif Central).

We recommend that you to take circuit 1 of the VTOPO (mountain bike trail) Ardèche Section 1 Without great difficulties, this trail departing from St Martial, will take you on the heights of mountainous plateaux such as Borée and Sainte Eulalie. You will end the ride going via the famous source of the Loire river. You will also be able to abandon your bike and end the ascent on foot to the summit (a climb of around 150 metres - impassable on 2 wheels). The summit of the mountain offers an amazing view over the Cévennes mountain range and the Monts d’Ardèche Natural Regional Park.

Worth the detour!

Go down to the last wooden platform opposite the waterfall, and allow yourself to be transported within the magical world of this 60 metre high waterfall. At more than 1,000 metres in altitude, the clear water of the Bourges river flows around a former lava flow: a spectacular sight for children and adults alike!

Allow 20 minutes walk from entering the footpath. Although the route is renowned for being highly achievable, watch out for certain steps which are rather steep. We recommend that you swap your pair of flip-flops for trainers!

For safety reasons it is forbidden to swim but, fear not, the forest’s humidity will cool you down sufficiently. Unfortunately, the path is not accessible for Persons of Reduced Mobility and pushchairs.

The small +

A high perched village

Built on limestone cliffs by the Ardèche river, the medieval village of Balazuc has been classified as amongst the loveliest villages in France. Waste no time in stopping to discover its arched passages, its feudal château and its delightful squares lined with fig trees.
In summer, numerous activities take place: an archaeological dig, a bread and wine festival, a village walk with commentary and other activities…For further information go to Balazuc town hall.

The Gorges de l’Ardèche (Ardèche gorges) it’s:

32kilometresof river
84kilometresof walks

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