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Having the air of Tahiti

A clear green emerald water, fine sandy beaches, 12 idyllic islands…the scenery itself, on a par with the Seychelles, is well and truly situated in Brittany. Leaving from Fouesnant, Bénodet, Concarneau and Quimper, seasonal shuttles ensure the link between the mainland and the archipelago. When arriving by boat, it is not rare to be welcomed by seagulls, cormorants and even dolphins! Do not forget to bring your picnic, as there are only 2 restaurants here, both of which holidaymakers often take by storm.

For a more authentic visit, without the tourist crowds, we recommend you opt for a guided tour by sailing boat. Several companies offer you the chance to climb aboard these tubs, but our personal preference is for Le Popoff.

An exceptional biodiversity

For a weekend, have beginner’s lessons in scuba diving, surrounded by a team of professionals. Whether simply a beginner’s session or a specific diving course, discover the extraordinary sea flora and fauna. It is not rare to come across some dolphins and even basking sharks…. Have no fear though as these mammals only eat plankton and are harmless to humans.

If you are frightened of the idea of diving into the depths of the Atlantic, we have found a great alternative for you: snorkelling. Equipped with a mask, a snorkel and a wet suit, this trip at the water’s surface gives you the opportunity to dive without breathing apparatus at a greater or lesser depth as you wish. It is the perfect option to contemplate marine life more cheaply! Allow €40/person for a scuba diver beginner’s course, and €25/person for a snorkelling beginner’s course.

Call of the open sea

Paddle in this heavenly setting in the midst of this enchanting scenery. In summer, discover the magic of these islands through a kayak trip. Leaving from the Île de St Nicolas island, sail to discover the wonders of the archipelago: the mysterious Fort Cigogne, a flight of cormorants, the Île aux Moutons island, a narcissi park and other such marvels…

Every Wednesday, from 5 p.m. the Centre Nautique de Ste Marine (Sainte Marine water sports centre) runs a 3-hour exploration trip. Provided weather conditions are good, leave via canoe for an unforgettable guided tour. Available to discoverhere!

Underwater gastronomy

On the Glénan Islands achipelago, there are only two establishments where you can have something to eat: La Boucane and Les Viviers. It is necessary to book a few days ahead of coming to the Île de St Nicolas, as generally everything is fully booked. On the menu: fish soup, stuffed clams, Moules Marinières (mussels in white wine sauce) and the Viviers restaurant speciality: grilled lobster - pure delight for the taste buds! For dessert, try one of the Breton specialities such as custard flan with prunes. You will have a delicious meal!

Under the sunshine of the Tropics

How can you resist the call of the turquoise water and its fine sand, bathed in sunlight throughout the entire year? Impossible! Allow the captivating magic of these heavenly beaches in Finistère to appeal to you. Although the water is a little fresh (between 15 to 18°C), we recommend that you to make yourself comfortable on the sprawling stretch of sand on the Île de St Nicolas. Good news! There is a lifeguard on this beach in July and August!

The small +

Unique in the world!

During your visit to the archipelago, you will certainly glimpse small scentless white flowers. The narcissus of the Glénan Islands is a species characteristic of several of the islands, which can be found nowhere else. Threatened with extinction in the 1950s, it is now prohibited to pick the species!

The Île des Glénan (Glénan Islands archipelago) it’s:

35eurosround trip

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