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Girl Power

Close your eyes and you will be transported to the Renaissance period. Within this maze of lavishly furnished rooms, the feminine stamp of both Catherine de Médicis and Diane de Poitiers can be felt everywhere. The architecture and the décor, thought out by these women, is a tribute to the splendour of the property. In particular, do not miss the collection of exceptional paintings and the selection of amazing tapestries, which punctuate the tour.

When visiting the property, we recommend that you upload the audio-guide (only on the iPhone or iPod), or that you hire one on site. It is a genuine plus to better understand the history of this exceptional residence.

Worthy of a fairy tale

Within this magical world scattered with works of art, fairy tales are highlighted throughout your walk in this extraordinary park: Gargantua’s vegetable patch, the enchanted forest, Alice’s labyrinth, the fairy garden…All of these gardens, with their basis in nature, are transformed over the course of the seasons. The colours of the greenery and the flowers intermingle to create a genuine plant mosaic. Make the most of picnicking within this wonderful setting, surrounded by 450 varieties of scented roses which punctuate the route.

Continue this walk going back to the time of the knights by a visit to the château in the costume of the era. Thanks to a theatrical walk punctuated by sound effects and audiovisual presentations, you’re off back to the past!

Meet in an unknown land

The last residence of Leonardo da Vinci, this splendid château concealed within a 6-hectare park, has the capacity to fill with wonder, as much as it surprises. A genuine shine dedicated to the inventor, in the basement you will find models produced from his drawings. The remainder of the residence has been laid out and furnished as it was during the age. As you pass through the reception rooms taking in the kitchens or even the bedroom of Leonardo da Vinci and indeed his workshop, enter into the intimacy of the Italian master.

In the garden, allow yourself to be transported by the splendour of the residence and imagine yourself in the position of this visionary genius who took inspiration from the countryside when designing his creations. Taking a detour off a path, you will surely come face-to-face with a tank, but we beg you not to panic as it is only a prototype!

Have the sensation of weightlessness

Take off for a trip aboard a hot air balloon, and discover the Loire châteaux and their amazing gardens. It is the best means to have a 360 degree view over the surrounding countryside. Thanks to your guide, make the most of a multitude of anecdotes on the châteaux which are revealed below you. Who knows, if you charm him, you might be able to take control of the balloon.

The adventure in the air lasts for about 3 hours and includes a 1 hour flight, your transport to the take-off location, preparing and folding up the balloon, and a toast with certificates for your ascent being presented to you. If you would like a recommended company for this, rush to Touraine Montgolfière (the main company specialising in hot-air balloon flights). Its lively team will take you to seventh heaven!

Disproportionately impressive

Built in 1519, modelled upon fortress châteaux, with its main keep and 4 towers, this residence is a genuine masterpiece of the Renaissance. Like its instigator François I, this château and its 5,500 hectares of grounds are both disproportionate and prestigious! With its 440 rooms, 15 staircases and its 365 chimneys, you will not know where to turn. Do not delay in taking an audio-guide so as to better understand the history of this building and its various owners.

The small +

The Loire by bicycle

In a few pedal strokes across the footpath laid out by the water, you will discover all of the beauty of the river: wild islands, typical villages, character châteaux…It is also the opportunity for stopping in neighbouring vineyards, and sipping a glass of Muscadet.

The Loire Châteaux it’s:

70,000hectaresof vineyards
400kilometresof cycle tracks

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