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Immediate take-off

Take off above the Auvergne volcanoes, comfortably settled in your two-seater hot seat. Once in the air, glance at the grandiose sight which unfolds under your feet. There is no better means to admire the magnificent Auvergne landscapes. For the most timid, don’t panic! The paraglider flight is not dangerous and requires neither talent or any particular skill. Derive pleasure from this unique unforgettable experience!

A 100% nature walk

Located in the heart of the Sancy massif, the Chaudefour Valley Nature Reserve offers spectators a breathtaking panorama. Several hiking paths enable you to discover the Alpine flora renowned for its diversity, as well as the magnificent Cascade de Pérouse and Cascade de la Biche waterfalls. Information and games signs mark out the path - perfect to keep your children spellbound until the end of the route! A word of advice: feel free to get out your binoculars to catch a glimpse of mouflons (wild mountain sheep), marmots (giant squirrels), chamois (antelope-goats) and many other animals.

Go back to the past.

Visit this medieval château in harmony with the costume entertainment offered by the paladins (knights) of Le Sancy. Through sword combats, falcon dances and horse stampedes, these Middle Age comedians will enable you to discover the customs of ages past. Regardless of whether this is with a guided and lively tour, nobody will be able to catch you out on the history of the château and all of its family secrets. In July and August, an evening Son et Lumière (Sound and Light) show takes place at nightfall: a unique show in Auvergne! Discover the programme.

You will be licking your lips

Whether you have Cantal (a farmhouse cheese), Salers (semi-hard cheese), St Nectaire (semi-soft rind cheese) or blue cheese, we assure you that you will enjoy every mouthful of these delicious cheeses. To make your task easier, farmers, cheese dairies and affineurs (those involved in maturing cheeses) are joining together to create a first-rate itinerary. To follow it, nothing could be simpler, just take the signs marked “Cheese Route”.

Of course, you’re not forced to complete it all as it is a flexible route, with no real start or end point. One single watchword: Have a delicious meal!

Upload the itinerary The Route of Auvergne Cheeses

Hey haul up!

Located more than 1,200 metres in altitude, this magnificent cliff overlooking the Lac Pavin lake offers sportsmen and sportswomen a superb playground. Nestling in the crater of a former volcano is the most famous Auvergne lake! The climbing site now has 24 routes, from 20 to 25 metres high, just above the water. If you open your eyes wide, you will even be able to see fish swimming at your feet!

Attention all the same, on some routes nature starts to reassert itself, so do not forget to carry a little pair of secateurs to cut a pathway through.

The small +

An explosive visit

Get a good dose of big thrills at the Volcan de Lemptegy volcano. Have an unusual experience thanks to attractions around the theme of volcanism: dynamic 4D film, activities, experiments, films, exhibitions... Within this explosive scenery, hollowed out within a volcanic rock, become genuine vulcanologists and penetrate the secrets of this highly mysterious site. Discover the site urgently!

The volcanoes of Auvergne it’s:

344,000visitorsto the Parc Vulcania
50,000tonnesof cheese products/year

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