Projects and latest news for 2018 for the loveliest campsites in Spain

  • Projects and latest news for 2018 for the loveliest campsites in Spain
  • Cambrils Park Family Resort
  • Camping & Resort Sangulí Salou campsite
  • Cala Gogo campsite
  • Camping King’s campsite
  • Rubina Resort campsite
  • Camping Creixell Beach resort
  • Playa Montroig Camping Resort
  • Camping La Ballena Alegre campsite
  • Camping Tucan campsite
  • Camping Valldaro campsite
  • Campsites are places where thousands of holidaymakers in Europe stay. Whether they are July, August, or indeed out-of-season enthusiasts, during campsite holidays we consider that everyone should enjoy quality facilities and services. And so that this endures, the campsites make the most of the winter season to refurbish their facilities and add new amenities to their given site. So as to best prepare for your holiday in Spain, we are offering you a short overview of the new attractions for 2018, in the loveliest Spanish campsites.

    Imagine yourself on a sunbed by a completely renovated swimming pool, in a newly installed luxury mobile home, or even at the table of a restaurant which has just opened…In short, allow yourself to be captivated by the new attractions that the best campsites in Spain have to offer you…

    Projects and latest news for 2018 for the loveliest campsites in Spain
  • 10/10

    Cambrils Park Family Resort

    For the 2018 season, Cambrils Park has been thinking big. During the winter season a multitude of works have taken place with the aim of better accommodating holidaymakers.

    Its Polynesian Pool, a leading element of the campsite, has been renovated for the greatest delight of holidaymakers. New water slides and new décor will now carry holidaymakers away to exotic islands. In addition, as with the Caribbean Port and the Mediterrània Beach Pool, the swimming pool water is now treated with salt. A new attraction which will not fail to delight those sensitive to chlorine!

    Within this Cambrils campsite, a famous Catalonia seaside resort, a multitude of other refurbishments have taken place, such as the bakery. Entirely new furniture has been added on the terrace for greater friendliness and luxury and the menu has been improved with products for snacks and breakfast. Plenty to satisfy holidaymakers who are the most fond of their food!

    As regards accommodation, some bathrooms have been refurbished and some roofs replaced for improved insulation. As Cambrils Park takes its holidaymakers comfort seriously, its website has also undergone a number of small changes, for an improved user experience! Cambrils Park obviously thinks of everything!

    Cambrils Park Family Resort
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  • 9/10

    Camping & Resort Sangulí Salou campsite

    Like Cambrils Park, the Sangulí Resort campsite has filled up on new attractions for 2018! For its holidaymakers’ safety, but also to guarantee a better welcome the campsite entrance has been refurbished. Automatic barriers have been put in so as to control site access: a guarantee of security for all holidaymakers!

    The most athletic will enjoy the entirely new gym equipped with the latest equipment! It will enable you to keep up the pace during your holiday!

    As regards luxury, several new attractions must be emphasised. Amongst them, modern furniture for an improved welcome for holidaymakers within the snack bar and the restaurant as well as in the bakeries!

    For your four-legged friends, the Sangulí Resort is making available new elements within the agility area which will enable them to let off steam more, and a bath for them to have a grooming session. Facilities which will serve to strengthen the campsite’s Pet Friendly policy.

    Sangulí Salou has genuinely thought of everything, so that its holidaymakers can have the most delightful of stays!

    Camping & Resort Sangulí Salou campsite
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  • 8/10

    Cala Gogo campsite

    For the luxury of its holidaymakers, the Cala Gogo campsite has invested in new accommodation! The mobile homes from the Suite range have everything to delight families. They are comprised of two separate bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Plenty to stay in a luxury manner in one of the most spacious of accommodation units available.

    The Cala Gogo campsite has also thought of holidaymakers with reduced mobility and, in that regard, it is also equipped with mobile homes adapted for wheelchairs. The mobile homes of the Access range are indeed anticipated to enable holidaymakers to move around inside the accommodation in a wheelchair.

    These new holiday rentals are added to a large range of benefits, enabling holidaymakers to make the most of perfect holidays on the Costa Brava!

    Cala Gogo campsite
  • 7/10

    Camping King’s campsite

    As is usual, the Camping King’s campsite has made the most of the winter season to make alterations to the campsite. This year, this establishment in Palamos has focused upon several new facilities. Owners of electric cars are able to take advantage of several new electric charging stations. The change will also be seen on every path of the campsite, since the King’s campsite has decided to replace its street lamps with new ones equipped with LED technology.

    Lastly, for the comfort of families spending their holidays on this campsite, new 5-person mobile homes have been installed! These are luxury mobile homes including a significant number of high-quality facilities. They comprise a master bedroom, and a children’s bedroom with twin beds and a single bunk bed. As regards comfort, you will enjoy amongst other things the air conditioning, which enables the entire family to keep cool on hot days, of which there are a multitude on the Costa Brava!

    Camping King’s campsite
  • 6/10

    Rubina Resort campsite

    Rubina Resort has implemented a multitude of small changes for 2018. A series of small aspects, which however together provide one of the most pleasant levels of additional luxury. For example, the swimming pool bar will be equipped with a small kitchen, so as to enable you to have something to eat by the water. Light but seasonal dishes will be served there, such as fish cooked on a plancha grill or grilled meats. The bathroom installations will also undergo a facelift.

    So as to provide further entertainment in your accommodation, all accommodation will be enhanced with a television. Lastly for your comfort and safety, the path behind the bar and the swimming pool will be paved and lighting will be added.

    A series of small changes which will thus contribute to improving your holiday experience within the Rubina Resort campsite!

    Rubina Resort campsite
  • 5/10

    Camping Creixell Beach resort

    We all know it, the aquatic park is often the vital facility for a campsite. It enables you to both relax and have fun. The Camping Creixell campsite has indeed understood this and has been eager, for 2018, to undertake an extension of this, which will not fail to please its holidaymakers.

    Now the aquatic park of this campsite therefore has three themed swimming pools: one for relaxation with hydromassage jets and plenty to bask in, and a second for fun with water slides, which will enable us to offer thrills and spills to the most adventurous. Finally, there is the third swimming pool set aside for children. The latter has a reasonable water depth, enabling children to enjoy themselves in complete safety. So that holidaymakers can relax and perfect their tan, the terrace has also been extended and a multitude of sunbeds are available!

    Camping Creixell Beach resort
  • 4/10

    Playa Montroig Camping Resort

    Campsites are often ideal for family holidays. It is therefore important to be able to offer activities and play areas where children can have fun entirely safely. That said, the Playa Montroig campsite has entirely grasped this and made it the priority for 2018. A priority which has been achieved through an entirely new water play area specially designed for children! There are now 850 m² of water games where the entire family will be able enjoy themselves and have fun times. The campsite has thought big in doing so, as there are no less than 58 various play areas which make up this large play area.

    No doubt this campsite will delight families and especially the very young. This space is in addition to existing facilities on the campsite which comprise a swimming pool and water slides. The Playa Montroig campsite seems to be a genuine aquatic heaven where the entire family will be able to share hours of fun!

    Playa Montroig Camping Resort
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  • 3/10

    Camping La Ballena Alegre campsite

    The Camping La Ballena Alegre campsite has made “sport” the dominant theme in 2018. An entirely new area given over to physical activities has been put in. Since it sometimes takes a lot of courage to dedicate a number of hours of your holiday to such effort, the Camping Ballena Alegre campsite has taken matters in hand and will motivate you with an entirely new concept.

    Indeed, in addition to the sports hall, a gym has been fitted out on the beach. Yes, it is the perfect place to look after your body. Under the sunshine and opposite the seaside, you might even forget that you are exercising...

    The sports hall has been fitted out in the best possible way. You will find the latest fitness trends there. You will have the possibility of undertaking CrossFit, TRX, yoga and even Zumba classes. For those who desire a personal programme, this is possible and your trainer will even be able to go to your accommodation at the heart of the campsite.

    No doubt, you will love the Beach Box Gym, a place dedicated to staying in shape and which will make you want to look after yourself.

    Camping La Ballena Alegre campsite
  • 2/10

    Camping Tucan campsite

    The Tucan campsite is equipped with mobile homes adapted for people in wheelchairs. The holiday accommodation is wider enabling easy movement of the wheelchair in every room. All such units have 2 bedrooms and can accommodate a family of 4. All of the furniture and its layout are adapted to those with reduced mobility. Thus, make the most of family holidays in this mobile home adapted for successful holidays on the Costa Brava! Camping Tucan campsite

  • 1/10

    Camping Valldaro campsite

    On the Camping Valldaro campsite, a multitude of changes have taken place to offer greater comfort to holidaymakers. This has started with the refurbishment of the bathroom installations: we have created more space and modernised them in lively and delightful colours! Now the bathroom installations are heated and enjoy a musical background for more cheerfulness!

    For those daily little cuts and bruises, the campsite has opened a chemist selling personal hygiene products. Holidaymakers will find what they need to treat their aches and pains but also various cosmetics.

    To enable holidaymakers to make the most of the Spanish sunshine, a multitude of sunloungers have been added around the perimeter of the swimming pool. A free and highly pleasant facility during summer afternoons.

    However, the major new element for 2018, no doubt, remains the introduction of the entirely new mobile homes. Luxury holiday rentals which can accommodate up to 5 people. With a refined décor and modern colours, these mobile homes offer top-of-the-range amenities. Amongst their facilities there is, in particular, a dishwasher, 2 televisions, as well as air conditioning!

    Camping Valldaro campsite
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