The most beautiful campsites by the river

  • The most beautiful campsites by the river
  • Domaine de la Brèche
  • Le Ty Nadan
  • Le Val de Bonnal
  • Le Paradis
  • Domaine du Verdon
  • L'Ardèchois
  • Le Ranc Davaine
  • L'Orangerie de Lanniron
  • Domaine de Soleil Plage
  • La Plage Fleurie
  • What would France be without its watercourses? From the most famous rivers to the most anonymous streams, rivers are still contributing to shape our landscapes. On the banks of these rivers, exceptional campsites have been installed. They take advantage of the attraction of some watercourses nowadays, able to welcome tourists under exceptional conditions. Through this themed file, you will be able to discover a non-exhaustive selection of some of these, all belonging to the most beautiful riverside campsites class...

    From the Ardèche gorges to the Verdon gorges, from the Loire valley to the Dordogne valley, the most beautiful French rivers nowadays attract many tourists. On their shores, so-called "wild water" activities have been installed, like canoeing and kayaking, allowing tourists to discover stunning landscapes while having a fun time!

    A lot of campsites have settled on these river banks. Often, natural beaches offer guests the opportunity to swim. They also allow fishermen to practice their favourite passion and canoe lovers can easily launch their boat...

    The most beautiful campsites by the river
  • 10/10

    Domaine de la Brèche

    It is on the borders of the most majestic and wild rivers of France, the Loire, that we find 5-star campsite Le Domaine de la Brèche This campsite, situated in Varennes sur Loire, in the department of the Maine and Loire, lies in the middle of the Saumur region. The Royal City of Saumur is only a few kilometres from Le Domaine de la Brèche and in summer, a flat bottom boat, typical of the Loire Valley, allows the campsite guests to get there in only a few minutes!

    This high-end campsite covers several hectares on the banks of the Loire and around the pond of la Brèche, which has given it its name. Green and wooded, it offers comfortable mobile homes ans unusual rental accommodations, such as a cabin in the trees, a trailer or even an amazing fishermen's cabin. Moreover, Le Domaine de la Brèche boasts several leisure facilities, such as a Water Park and a 12-hole Golf Course Pitch & Putt...

    Domaine de la Brèche
  • 9/10

    Le Ty Nadan

    5-star campsite in the heart of Brittany, Le Ty Nadan is installed by the legendary river the Ellé. 60 kilometres long, it takes its source in the south of the Côtes d'Armor. It then passes through the Montagnes Noires, and then forms deep canyons in the Finistère, especially around the site of the Devil's Rocks, before merging with another river in Quimperlé, forming the river Laïta.

    Ty Nadan is located halfway between the Devil's Rocks and Quimperlé. This campsite in the middle of nature welcomes tourists looking for a holiday in the countryside while remaining close to the coast. Its location by the river offers its residents the opportunity to canoe, but this is not the only asset. This campsite also boasts a great Water Park and an Adventure Park with many activities!

    Le Ty Nadan
  • 8/10

    Le Val de Bonnal

    Le Val de Bonnal is a 5-star campsite in the Franche Comté. Installed on the site of the Forges de Bonnal, in the Doubs departement, it borders the Ognon River, tributary of the Saône and the Rhône. 214 kilometres long, this river takes its source 904 meters above sea level, in the Vosges mountain range. A haven of peace and well-being, the site of the Forges de Bonnal is the arrival place of canoeists and kayakists navigating down the Ognon.

    Along the river, this high-end campsite seduces by the quality of its reception, its rental accommodations, its leisure facilities and its organised entertainment and events. There are comfortable lodges on stilts, a Water Park and a great high ropes course in the trees. There's even a zip-line, allowing tourists to pass the river!

    Le Val de Bonnal
  • 7/10

    Le Paradis

    Located at the edge of the Vézère, a natural and wild river in the valley counting as one of the most beautiful valleys in the Dordogne, the name of this campsite, Le Paradis, corresponds perfectly to its environment. Thanks to its idyllic location and its many other assets, it is very appreciated by the guests staying here.

    Tributary of the Dordogne, the Vézère River takes its source in Corrèze, in the heart of the Millevaches highland. 212 kilometres long, it runs through a valley with 14 exceptional sites, listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. In this valley we find a concentration of prehistoric sites, which are in fact one of the most important archaeological sites in Europe. Installed by this river, campsite Le Paradis features a pier, easy for the guests to launch their canoe into the water...

    Le Paradis
  • 6/10

    Domaine du Verdon

    As its name suggests, the campsite Le Domaine du Verdon is located at the edge of the Verdon River. This 166-kilometre long river takes its source between the Pic des Trois Évêchés and the Allos mountain pass, in the Alpes de Haute Provence. Before flowing into the Durance, this river of the Alps has undoubtedly carved the most beautiful canyons in Europe: the Verdon Gorges. It is in the heart of these canyons that we find this 4-star campsite in Castellane.

    Downstream of the village of Castellane, on the borders of the Verdon, a river bewitching everybody with its colours, Le Domaine du Verdon is a high-end campsite, member of the Castels Group. Its location at the entrance of the Gorges is idyllic in more than one way and the natural beaches bordering it allow its guests to easily swim in the river. There is also a great Water Park and many high quality rental accommodations.

    Domaine du Verdon
  • 5/10


    Nestled in Vallon Pont d'Arc, at the edge of the Ardèche River and at the entrance of the gorges of the same name, the 5-star campsite L'Ardèchois is a first choice outdoor holiday resort in southern Vivarais. With its many leisure facilities, such as a water park, and its comfortable rental accommodations, L'Ardèchois welcomes every year many tourists wishing to spend their holiday by one of the most beautiful French rivers.

    This 125-kilometre long river takes its source at 1 467 meters above sea level, near the Chavade mountain pass, in the Massif Central. From Vallon Pont d'Arc, it has dug magnificent canyons that can be canoed down. The landscapes are sumptuous and the many different tourist sites are beautiful: there's of course the Pont d'Arc, a natural arch dominating the river with its 60 metres high, but also the famous "Balcon des Templiers" and "le Cirque de la Madeleine".

  • 4/10

    Le Ranc Davaine

    Even if Le Ranc Davaine is located in the Ardèche, this 5-star campsite in Saint Alban Auriolles, near Ruoms, doesn't border the eponymous river, but a tributary river, the Chassezac. It takes its source in the Lozère, at twenty kilometres from Mende and more than 1,500 metres above sea level. It flows into the Ardèche River just a few kilometres beyond the campsite.

    In the middle of the Ardèche, a natural beach allows the guests of Le Ranc Davaine to easily access the river. You can swim, enjoy water activities, sunbath, etc. This high-end campsite offers great leisure facilities, like a Water Park, a spa and sports fields. During the summer season the team organises different activities and events!

    Le Ranc Davaine
  • 3/10

    L'Orangerie de Lanniron

    L'Orangerie de Lanniron, a 5-star campsite in Quimper, borders a 60-kilometre long coastal river that many consider simply as the most beautiful French river! The Odet River, that's its name, takes its source at the boundaries of the Finistère and the Morbihan, in the massif of the Montagnes Noires. Lined with many castles, manors and enchanting forests, the most beautiful French river follows its course at the discretion of the changing landscape of the Cornouaille, and finishes it in Bénodet, where it throws itself into the Atlantic Ocean.

    At some forty kilometres from its source and some twenty from its estuary the Odet river crosses the city of Quimper and its historical centre, visited every year by many tourists. It is south of the prefecture of the Finistère that we find l'Orangerie de Lanniron. This high-end Breton campsite is installed in the heart of a 38-hectare property that was once the summer residence of the city's Bishops. Tourists who come to stay here nowadays can only fall in love with the place, but also with the view on this watercourse. It is even possible to take a river shuttle from Quimper down to the sea...

    L'Orangerie de Lanniron
  • 2/10

    Domaine de Soleil Plage

    Le Domaine de Soleil Plage enjoys an incredible location by the riverside. This 5-star campsite in Vitrac is settled on the edge of the Dordogne River, a watercourse that definitely counts as the most beautiful and the most attractive one of the South-West! Forming at random a semi-loop around Vitrac, le Domaine de Soleil Plage lies within this natural arc.

    Facing impressive cliffs that the river has helped shape over the centuries, this campsite by the water enjoys a very pleasant environment. Greenery is all around. There's no lack of space either and the peace of the site is only sometimes interrupted by the joyful cries of kayakers and canoeists coming down the river. the river takes them to the heart of the Périgord Noir and near the most renowned tourist sites of the Dordogne. First, the village of Vitrac, dominated by the castle of Montfort, then La Roque Gageac, counting as one of the most beautiful villages of France. Finally, the fortress of Castelnaud la Chapelle and its medieval village soon appear before everyone’s very eyes from the river bed...

    Domaine de Soleil Plage
  • 1/10

    La Plage Fleurie

    In Vallon Pont d'Arc, La Plage Fleurie is a 5-star campsite bordering the Ardèche River. Its canyons have, in the heart of a limestone plateau, carved one of the most beautiful tourist and natural sites of the South of France. A canyon of thirty kilometres long which you can navigate down by canoe or kayak, and offering spectacular landscapes, like the famous Pont d'Arc, the Cirque de la Madeleine, or the Balcon des Templiers.

    Campsite La Plage Fleurie boasts a great asset to attract the tourists; a natural beach that allows swimming and leisure and water activities in and around the Ardèche River... The magnificent beach with sand and grass of this luxury campsite is indeed the place to be in summer, where it is all happening. Children can have fun digging and building sandcastles, while teens can join the floating platform in a few swim strokes, located a few metres from the shore. Parents, meanwhile, can peacefully relax on sun loungers or simply lie down on the grass to better indulge in idleness... Finally, everyone can enjoy this natural pier to launch his canoe and exploring the beautiful Ardèche Gorges...

    La Plage Fleurie
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