The most beautiful places to camp in France

  • The most beautiful places to camp in France
  • Les Criques de Porteils
  • Les Prairies de la Mer
  • Le Panorama du Pyla
  • Camp du Domaine
  • Beach Garden
  • La Plage Fleurie
  • Domaine de Soleil Plage
  • L'Orangerie de Lanniron
  • La Pergola
  • Europe
  • The two go hand in hand. The most beautiful campsites in France enjoy very often an idyllic setting and environment. Whether it's by the water, at the edge of a river, a mountain lake or in the surroundings of a natural site and/or exceptional tourist site, most of the campsites on Campings.Luxe offer you the opportunity to camp in beautiful places. Even though this selection may give rise to debate, the objective of this thematic file is to present you 10 luxury campsites proposing the most paradisal situation and location possible you can find in France...

    Whether you are looking for a campsite installed in an unusual place or on the contrary near a popular and busy town, there's no doubt you'll find your happiness on Campings.Luxe. What could be better than to spend a holiday on a campsite with an at the least enviable and desirable location? In the vast majority of cases, it turns out be a seafront. This is the reason why half of these selected campsites, with the most beautiful places to camp in France, are located by the sea and enjoy a direct access to the beach. The other campsites of this top 10 are located at the edge of a river, or on the shores of an Alpine Lake.

    The most beautiful places to camp in France
  • 10/10

    Les Criques de Porteils

    Les Criques de Porteils, a 5-star campsite in Argelès sur Mer, is certainly part of these French campsites enjoying a more than idyllic setting. Hanging on a cliff, within a property on graduated terraces, this campsite offers tourists pitches with views over the Mediterranean Sea. Better yet, and as its name suggests, at the foot of the cliffs there are beautiful coves allowing campsite guests to swim and practice scuba diving in clear and turquoise water...

    To get there, nothing more simple, a staircase was built to reach the coves easily from the campsite. The coves are also perfect to relax and sunbath, sheltered from the wind and the crowd, characteristic of the beaches on the Pyrénées Orientales coast.

    The natural and wild aspect of the seaside of les Criques de Porteils is characteristic of this coastal strip; the Côte Vermeille. It stretches from the south of Argelès sur Mer to the Spanish border and forms a steep landscape. Several villages and fishing harbours nestle here, like famous Collioure, that can be reached on foot from the campsite.

    Finally, the ideal setting of this campsite is also explained by the presence of the mountains of the Albères massif surrounding it. First covered by vineyards and fields, the panorama of the hinterland soon becomes wilder and steeper...

    Les Criques de Porteils
  • 9/10

    Les Prairies de la Mer

    Les Prairies de la Mer is a 5-star campsite in Grimaud. Located by the sea, it enjoys a unique and privileged position on the... Gulf of Saint Tropez! It is indeed at a short walk from the lakeside city of Port Grimaud that we find this high-end campsite. Rightly considered as one of the best campsites in France, this campsite offers tourists the opportunity to stay in amazing and comfortable rental accommodations with views on the Mediterranean Sea and with terraces joining directly the sandy beach!

    What holiday resort could be better than this dream campsite located in the heart of one of the most famous gulfs in the world? At two steps from Saint Tropez, but also from the villages of Sainte Maxime, Cogolin, Ramatuelle and Gassin, in the heart of the French Riviera and its idyllic beaches, like the Cigales beach or the Pampelonne beach, Les Prairies de la Mer is a campsite counting as one of the most luxury and high-end campsites of the region.

    Among all its assets, there is one that perfectly fits into this thematic file of dream places to camp. Indeed, its unusual rentals by the beach offer its guests an exceptional view on... the bell tower of the small harbour of Saint Tropez, located at some nautical miles and facing les Prairies de la Mer. You cannot dream of a more idyllic place to camp on the French Riviera!

    Les Prairies de la Mer
  • 8/10

    Le Panorama du Pyla

    If there's one campsite with an amazing location by the sea and near an important tourist site, it is the Panorama du Pyla. This exceptional 4-star campsite is installed at the foot of the impressive Pyla Dune, which, from the top of its 110 meters height, dominates the vast forest of the Landes de Gascogne, the Banc D'arguin and the Bassin d'Arcachon...

    The Pyla Dune is certainly one of the most spectacular tourist attractions of the Côte d'Argent (Silver Coast). It turns out to be the highest dune in Europe and attracts many curious people and tourists.

    Le Panorama du Pyla lies close to the southern "side" of this dune. Located on a property that could easily be described as hilly, as the Dune of Pyla has spread around lots of other mounds of sand... But unlike the dune, the property is nowadays completely covered by a pine forest.

    A large part of the campsite's pitches and rental accommodations are located 'ocean' side and boast a direct and panoramic view on the Banc D'arguin, a sand bar located opposite the entrance of the Bassin d'Arcachon, between the Pyla Dune and the Pointe du Cap Ferret. At nightfall, the guests of le Panorama du Pyla can admire the sunset from their plots or from the top of the dune, offering an incomparable romantic moment for couples in love...

    Le Panorama du Pyla
  • 7/10

    Camp du Domaine

    In front of one of the most beautiful bays of the Côte d'Azur, the Lavandou Bay, there's a campsite in Bormes les Mimosas that is since many years even famous beyond the French borders. This campsite is le Camp du Domaine. One of the assets of this 5-star campsite is its paradisal location on the seafront with direct access to a lovely white fine sandy beach...

    Le Camp du Domaine offers literally camping by the sea. Landscaped on graduated terraces, this campsite of 45 hectares has many pitches by the beach, so guests who occupy these plots don't have to walk more than 10 metres to wet their feet! And what a fantastic water to wet your feet in! The Mediterranean Sea offers here a crystal turquoise water over several tens of meters, inviting tourists to come in for swimming and diving...

    The occupants of the higher situated pitches and rentals can enjoy the exceptional view on the Lavandou Bay and a large part of the French Riviera since the panorama extends until the beach resorts of Rayol Canadel sur Mer and Cavalaire sur Mer.

    Camp du Domaine
  • 6/10

    Beach Garden

    Le Beach Garden is a 4-star campsite in Marseillan. Like all the campsites listed previously, it enjoys a more than ideal location by the sea, as it faces the beautiful beach of Marseillan. Beach resort of the Hérault coastline, Marseillan Plage is located between Sète and Cap d'Agde. Among the many assets of Le Beach Garden, we mention its luxury accommodations offering a splendid view over the Mediterranean Sea and a direct access to the beach for its guests...

    Let's face it, there's no better place for a holiday by the sea. Freshly arrived, the guests of these exceptional mobile homes can descend a small stairway to reach the beach. From there, the sand seems to spread out as far as the eye can see; that's the magic of the Côte d'Améthyste and the Roussillon coast.

    Children can play in the sand and have fun building sandcastles, while parents only have to put down their towel to start sunbathing! Just a few dozen meters from the first rentals of Le Beach Garden, the Mediterranean Sea and its warm and transparent water offers itself to the swimmers!

    Beach Garden
  • 5/10

    La Plage Fleurie

    If there's a campsite that enjoys an amazing situation by the river, it is La Plage Fleurie in Vallon Pont d'Arc. This 5-star campsite borders the Ardèche, a river which canyons have been carved in the heart of a limestone plateau forming one of the most beautiful tourist and natural sites of the South of France. A thirty kilometres long canyon, which can be descended by canoe or kayak, offering spectacular landscapes like the famous Pont d'Arc, the Cirque de la Madeleine or the Balcon des Templiers.

    Just a few kilometres downstream from campsite La Plage Fleurie we find the Pont d'Arc, a natural arch of some sixty meters high overlooking the river. Marking the official entrance to the Ardèche Gorges, it certainly represents a must-see sight for tourists staying in Vallon Pont d'Arc, where we also find the Chauvet Cave.

    La Plage Fleurie counts as one of the most beautiful places to camp in France, but this is above all because of the formidable campsite's asset making the watercourse very attractive; a natural beach where you can swim and practise different leisure and fun water activities in and around the Ardèche...

    It is indeed on this beautiful beach of sand and grass that each summer the atmosphere is the hottest on this luxury campsite. Children can have fun digging and building sandcastles while adolescents can swim to the floating platform in the water, located at a few metres from the shore. Meanwhile the parents can quietly relax on sun loungers or simply lie down on the grass to better indulge in idleness... Finally, everybody can enjoy this natural pier to put his canoe into the water and explore the beautiful Ardèche Gorges...

    La Plage Fleurie
  • 4/10

    Domaine de Soleil Plage

    Just like La Plage Fleurie, le Domaine de Soleil Plage enjoys an incredible situation by the river. This 5-star campsite of Vitrac is settled on the edge of the Dordogne, a watercourse that certainly counts as the most beautiful and the most tourist ones of the South-West! It forms a random semi-ring while passing in Vitrac, and it is within this natural arc that we find le Domaine de Soleil Plage.

    Facing impressive cliffs that the river has helped shape over the centuries, this campsite by the water enjoys a more than pleasant environment. Greenery is all around. There's also more than enough space and the quietness of the site is only sometimes interrupted by the cries of enthusiastic kayakists and canoeists navigating down the river.

    Taking them down into the heart of the Périgord Noir and near the most renowned tourist sites of the Dordogne. First, the village of Vitrac, dominated by the castle of Montfort, then La Roque Gageac, counting as one of the most beautiful villages of France. At last, the fortress of Castelnaud la Chapelle and its medieval city will soon appear before their eyes from the river bed...

    Just like la Plage Fleurie, the name of le Domaine de Soleil Plage has not been chosen by accident, as a pleasant beach separates the first pitches and the first rentals of this campsite in the Dordogne. Ideal to sunbath, but also to swim in the river. On the beach there's also a nautical base allowing tourists to rent canoes and kayaks.

    Domaine de Soleil Plage
  • 3/10

    L'Orangerie de Lanniron

    Like the two campsites mentioned above, L'Oangerie de Lanniron, a 5-star campsite in Quimper, borders a watercourse. But unlike the others, the watercourse we are referring to here is a sixty kilometres long coastal river that many consider simply as the most beautiful French river! The Odet, is its name, has indeed lots of charm, and it is not the above-mentioned campsite that will contradict this insinuation!

    The Odet River, some sixty kilometres long, begins its course on the border of the departments of the Finistère and the Morbihan, in the Montagnes Noires mountain range. Lined with numerous castles, manors and enchanting forests, the most beautiful river of France follows its course through the changing landscapes of the Cornouaille, and then finished its course in Bénodet, where it throws itself into the Atlantic ocean.

    Some forty kilometres from the source and some twenty kilometres from the estuary, the Odet River crosses the city of Quimper and its touristic historical centre. L'Orangerie de Lanniron is situated south of the Finistère. This high-end Breton campsite is installed in the heart of a 38-hectare property, once the summer residence of the Bishops of the city.

    Tourists, who these days come to stay in this place, can only fall in love with it, and with the view on the watercourse that is offered to them. From Quimper, it is also possible to descend the river until the sea by taking a river shuttle...

    L'Orangerie de Lanniron
  • 2/10

    La Pergola

    La Pergola is a 5-star campsite in Marigny, a hamlet of barely 200 inhabitants, located some 20 km east of Lons le Saunier, in the Jura. If its facilities and equipments make it one of the most beautiful campsites in the east of France, it thanks its presence in this thematic file to the fact that it lies by the Chalain Lake, remarkable water body with heavenly colours...

    After having selected some of the most beautiful campsites in France located by the sea or the river, we wanted to close this chapter, dedicated to the best places to camp in France, with a presentation of two campsites located by a lake. Among all the campsites present on Campings.Luxe and corresponding to this criterion, unanimity has been reached for La Pergola.

    Seventh largest natural lake of France, the Chalain Lake counts as one of the most important tourist sites of the Franche Comté. Many water activities can be practised here and swimming is very popular, as it is bordered by long sandy beaches. On the shores of one of these campsite La Pergola is settled.

    Its guests can therefore fully enjoy the beach, to swim, to rent a pedal boat or to put their canoe into the water. The water of the Chalain Lake, with reflections going from blue turquoise to neon green, is the real charm of this paradise!

    La Pergola
  • 1/10


    The last place where it feels good to set up your tent or rent a mobile home in this top 10 of campsites boasting an idyllic situation, is campsite Europa in Saint Jorioz. This 4-star campsite in the Haute Savoie is located 400 metres from one of the banks of the beautiful Lake Annecy. The surrounding mountains seem to form real natural barriers, as if hiding the vision of this paradise of the Alps to the largest number of people is done on purpose!

    You've understood, it is on the edge of one of the most beautiful French Lakes, Lake Annecy, that we find campsite Europa. It offers its guests the opportunity to set up their tent or rent a luxury mobile home in a property surrounded by mountains. At only 900 metres from a developed beach where you can swim and practice different water sports.

    Nine kilometres of camping Europa and still on the shores of Lake Annecy, the town of the same name offers itself to the curious and the visitors. This town, known as the "little Venice of the Alps", presents many sights. Largely pedestrian, its city centre is crossed by multiple channels which remind the charms of the city of the Doges...

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