The 10 finest campsite aquatic parks in Italy

  • The 10 finest campsite aquatic parks in Italy
  • Barricata Holiday Village campsite
  • Villagio Turistico Internazionale
  • Camping Bungalow Park Tahiti Thermae Oasis campsite
  • Camping Village Pino Mare campsite
  • Camping Village Marina di Venezia campsite
  • Campeggio Bella Italia campsite
  • Sant’Angelo Village campsite
  • Camping Village Portofelice campsite
  • Park Albatros campsite
  • Union Lido campsite
  • Rome, Venice, Florence…Cities which will make a tourist dream and with every good reason! Italy is a way of life in itself and each year attracts a multitude of tourists from all around the world. To accommodate these holidaymakers, multiple campsites offer high quality services and facilities. Luxury mobile homes, well being spaces, endless swimming pools: campsites are redoubling their efforts to offer their holidaymakers a stay entirely focused upon la dolce vita!

    And if we take a few moments to linger over the aquatic areas of Italian campsites? There is nothing better than a dive or a relaxing moment in the swimming pool, having had a lovely day of sightseeing and exploring in the sunshine of the Italian peninsula! Like their European counterparts, the loveliest campsites in Italy are now equipped with leading water recreational facilities: water slides, water games, tropical lagoons and other amenities.

    The 10 finest campsite aquatic parks in Italy
  • 10/10

    Barricata Holiday Village campsite

    Located in the north-east of Italy in Bonelli, the Barricata Holiday Village offers an idyllic setting for holidays in Italy. Nestling at the heart of the Veneto del Delta del Po Regional Park, this campsite offers direct access to the Adriatic Sea, set against the backdrop of natural lushness hitherto unseen.

    Three swimming pools, including one set aside for children, delight families in the aquatic park of the Barricata Holiday Village. A swimming pool 25 metres long and 12.50 metres wide makes luxury swimming lanes available to holidaymakers wishing to complete several lengths. Children enjoy a space set aside for them, where they can play in complete safety. Whilst the calmest members of the family are relaxing in the well being space, the most energetic will be able to invest all of their energies into the challenge of the water slides.

    Enthusiasts of idleness will be able to perfect their tan on one of the numerous sunbeds by the edge of the swimming pool. Lastly, you should be aware that so as to protect you from the sunshine at the hottest times of the day, the campsite has parasols around the entire perimeter of the swimming pool.

    Barricata Holiday Village campsite
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  • 9/10

    Villagio Turistico Internazionale

    At the Villagio Turistico Internazionale campsite, more than 2,000 m² are set aside for the aquatic area. This is one of the most pleasant aquatic complexes, where each member of the family will find their own delight. Within this holiday village, everything has been thought of for the comfort of holidaymakers. The swimming pools gradually become deeper, perfect for children. In addition, teams of first aiders ensure that the pools are monitored. Parents can therefore have peace of mind. Various aquatic games and water slides ensure that families have fun within this aquatic area. To achieve this, since 2016, several Jacuzzis as well as a well being space have been amongst the campsite facilities available.

    Having had fun, perhaps you will not be immune to hunger pangs…Yet again, the campsite has thought of everything with the Bibo’s Pool Bar which enables you to cool down and have something to eat around the pool.

    This campsite located in Bibione, not far from Venice, succeeds in delighting the entire family owing to its aquatic area, which is one of the most delightful.

    Villagio Turistico Internazionale
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  • 8/10

    Camping Bungalow Park Tahiti Thermae Oasis campsite

    The Tahiti campsite will appeal to you through the variety in its aquatic area. The main swimming pool has a length of 25 metres and a depth ranging from 60 to 280 centimetres - perfect for swimming. Children can even learn to swim thanks to swimming lessons specially arranged for them. So as to please everyone, the campsite is equipped with a swimming pool given over to fun.

    Comprised of 2 pools, this space has hours of fun in store for you as a family. With a depth not exceeding 110 cm, children are able to play in an area adapted for them. Jacuzzis, waterfalls and other facilities will succeed in amusing the entire family. So holidaymakers can relax, a Mediterranean swimming pool is also available for them. It is divided into multiple small pools within which parents and children can relax. All around the aquatic area, a multitude of sunloungers are available for the comfort of holidaymakers.

    Located in Lido delle Nazioni, in the north-east of Italy, this campsite is rich in discoveries and fun.

    Camping Bungalow Park Tahiti Thermae Oasis campsite
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  • 7/10

    Camping Village Pino Mare campsite

    Equipped with an indoor area as well as an outdoor swimming pool, this campsite will delight the entire family. Having a length of 15 metres, the swimming pool offers a delightful area which favours relaxation. To satisfy the greatest number of holidaymakers, the campsite also opens its swimming pool during the evening. This offers you the possibility of ending your day in the best of settings.

    After a day pacing up and down Italy you will, no doubt, not be against the idea of a little swim! In addition, a tropical bar near the swimming pool will provide all necessary comforts. Thus, all swimmers can cool down in the shade of this tropical bar.

    The campsite completes its offer by having one of the most inviting well being spaces. A well being sauna and swimming pool are thus available to holidaymakers. So as to end the beauty experience, you can let yourself be lured by a relaxing massage…

    Camping Village Pino Mare campsite
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  • 6/10

    Camping Village Marina di Venezia campsite

    You might think that it belongs to an aquatic theme park, so inordinately large is this water park. There is a total aquatic area of 15,000 m² on offer to holidaymakers here. It splits into 10 areas.

    Amongst them, there are areas specially designed for children. In particular, the “Coral Bay” thought out for children under 5 with its manta ray, Raya, a symbolic feature of the “Coral Bay”. A lagoon with tortoise and dolphin figures livens up the area a little and plunges children into this 100% maritime world. A wave machine swimming pool will delight families seeking big thrills. A multitude of water slides are also scattered around the various spaces.

    Lastly, you will discover an Olympic swimming pool with three lanes set aside for budding swimmers. There is also a multitude of well being amenities, such as massage facilities, to contribute to holidaymakers’ well-being.

    Camping Village Marina di Venezia campsite
  • 5/10

    Campeggio Bella Italia campsite

    The aquatic complex of the Bella Italia campsite has everything making it the perfect family location. A multitude of activities are possible there thanks to a wide range of leisure facilities and services. Children will love their dedicated area, within which a giant mushroom proudly stands. They will then have the complete delight of climbing onto this mushroom to descend it, using one of its numerous water slides.

    Parents will be able to leave their children to play quietly thanks to our teams of swimming instructors, who ensure that the aquatic area is supervised. Parents can also relax on “Bel Beach”: a sandy beach laid out with parasols and deckchairs. A perfect setting in which to relax and make the most of holidays in the Italian sunshine. The bravest or those wishing to do a little exercise during their holidays will also have the possibility to do so. The campsite offers aquaerobics classes to holidaymakers..

    Located in the north of Italy on the shore of Lake Garda, this campsite is the perfect location for family holidays. Its aquatic area is like all of its facilities and holiday rentals: both top-of-the-range and varied. You will be able to go there with your eyes shut!

    Campeggio Bella Italia campsite
  • 4/10

    Sant’Angelo Village campsite

    The photos of the Sant’Angelo aquatic park make us want to immediately fasten our suitcases and head for Italy. You already imagine family and friends playing together in this huge swimming pool with the most comprehensive facilities. Endless water slides, water play games and swimming pools: this Italian campsite takes aquatic pleasures seriously!

    Once on site, there is no doubt that holidaymakers will be satisfied by the facilities and will enjoy being able to take advantage of this aquatic park with impressive dimensions. A play area will enable the entire family to have fun thanks to games for all ages. The most adventurous will confront giant water slides. Others, the less adventurous, may prefer to watch the show from afar. For that, the campsite offers a perfect spot: a bar by the swimming pool offering a wide choice of drinks and snacks, plenty to satisfy all those of fond of food!

    Lastly, you should know that the very young will also have time for fun, thanks to the water slides and a dedicated water play area: a location specially designed for them, their fun and their safety. Speaking of safety, lifeguards ensure that the aquatic area is supervised: plenty to put parents’ minds at rest!

    Sant’Angelo Village campsite
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  • 3/10

    Camping Village Portofelice campsite

    The Village Portofelice campsite has plenty to make your holiday relaxing! A huge swimming pool, split into 3 main areas, enables everyone to move around safely. A space for the very young with a restricted water depth enables then to cool down using mini water slides.

    The more adventurous will be able to go down slightly higher water slides, but which remain appropriate for children, supervised by their parents. Moreover, the latter will be able to take advantage of the large swimming pool, to indulge in several lengths, both refreshing and athletic. To relax, Jacuzzis and water jets have been specially added, thus ensuring the well-being of holidaymakers. Everything happens within an almost heavenly idyllic setting in the shade of a parasol or of the vegetation on this aquatic park.

    You will, by now, have understood that this aquatic complex has plenty to delight all the family. Less than an hour from Venice, the Village Portofelice appears to be the promise of delightful holidays in the Italian sunshine.

    Camping Village Portofelice campsite
  • 2/10

    Park Albatros campsite

    Isn’t Tuscany the perfect region for Italian holidays? The Park Albatros campsite naturally finds its place within this most typical of Italy’s regions. Only 800 metres from the beach, this campsite does not neglect aquatic delights.

    To make the most of the warmest afternoons, there is a vast aquatic park available for holidaymakers. Split into several spaces, this complex is one of the most varied, and is likely to win over the hearts of holidaymakers. An Olympic pool enables holidaymakers to do several strokes whilst the very young amongst them can have fun safely in the paddling pool.

    Everyone loves water games and large water slides to bring the entire family together. You can already hear the bursts of laughter reverberating during the descent, sometimes packed with thrills and spills! For the start of the season, or simply for the more overcautious, an indoor heated swimming pool forms part of the scenery. To perfect this aquatic park, all that is missing is a little well being. The Jacuzzis and other well being facilities will very soon be a necessity for bringing your day to an end.

    And yes, there is so much to discover in Tuscany that you will enjoy these little breaks from it all, where your sole mission is to take care of yourself!

    Park Albatros campsite
  • 1/10

    Union Lido campsite

    Are you looking for a campsite with an aquatic park? By staying at the Union Lido campsite you risk being satisfied for two reasons. Indeed, there is not one but 2 aquatic parks offered by this campsite. The Aqua Park Laguna and the Aqua Park Marino are both the dream of every holidaymaker.

    Impressive, we do not know what other description to give to this park, given that its dimensions are the most explosive. The Aqua Park Laguna comprises 10,000 m² given over to aquatic delights. Games and water slides delight the entire family. Holidaymakers seeking thrills and spills will not be let down with star water slides, which every aquatic park dreams of having. In a sandy setting, palm trees and waterfalls offer you one of the most soothing visual and resonant settings, enabling you to take advantage on every level. The very young are not left out with a multitude of water play games, which punctuate their holiday.

    The Park Marino offers a space which is of equal significance with an adventure playground for children, and a multitude of small slides for the very young to have fun. Budding swimmers will see a semi Olympic swimming pool, if they wish to indulge in a few lengths. For relaxation, going down the inflatable buoy water slide will provide fun for all the family! All within an idyllic setting under the Italian sunshine…

    This aquatic park has plenty to make holidaymakers dream...It is thus only to be expected that it is working its way to the top of the rankings of the loveliest campsite aquatic parks In Italy!

    Union Lido campsite
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