The 10 most beautiful water parks on campsites

  • The 10 most beautiful water parks on campsites
  • The water park of campsite Les Tournels (Ramatuelle)
  • The water park of the La Yole Wine Resort campsite (Valras Plage)
  • The water park of the Le Letty campsite (Bénodet)
  • The water park of the Le Domaine de la Dragonnière campsite (Vias)
  • The water park of the Les Mouettes campsite (Carantec)
  • The water park of the campsite Le Château (Saint Hilaire de Riez)
  • The water park of campsite Le Vieux Port (Messanges)
  • The water park of campsite La Sirène (Argeles sur Mer)
  • The water park of campsite Les Mimosas (Portiragnes)
  • The water park of campsite le Domaine le Pommier (Villeneuve de Berg)
  • Ever greater, ever more fun, this could be the motto of some French campsites, as their water parks look nowadays like real amusement parks... Water slides, toboggans, replicas of Pirate ships, inflatable structures placed on the water, etc. Luxury campsites vie with one another in ingenuity to offer the campers the craziest fun! Within this thematic file, Campings.Luxe invites you to discover the 10 most beautiful aquatic parks of all campsites in France…

    French campsite managers may invest in a whole bunch of new innovative facilities, from tree houses to balneotherapy areas, but nothing of that nature is really any good. To attract the eye and the attention of future guests looking for a campsite where they will spend their next summer holiday, there's nothing better than a huge water park with upstream rivers, toboggans and other water slides. It must be said that these areas dedicated to swimming and a whole bunch of fun water activities are often seen as the real lung of these establishments. Alone or with your family, you can go there for a swim and a dive, but more often, guests put on their swimsuit to enjoy the sunbathing areas around these lagoons and pools!

    From the simple deckchair to the designer and modern sun loungers, these areas are perfectly equipped so that everyone can indulge in idleness and the favourite activity of numerous tourists; sunbathing...

    Genuine temples of idleness...

    Although this activity is not only for adults, it is clear that the adults monopolize the greatest part of the sunbathing areas, leaving children and teenagers the freedom to enjoy the leisure facilities, making these water parks genuine theme parks!

    Water slides are the emblem of these facilities. From the toboggan to the Spacebowl, from the most basic water slide to the most complex one, they have all been designed to provide a dose of adrenaline and fun every time you slide down!

    …And fun…

    Some water parks have, in addition to water slides, facilities considered to be even more upscale, such as artificial rivers and wave pools. Often implanted in the form of a closed trail, to create a real current, you can slide these rivers down by using an inflatable buoy, or swim upstream into the current.

    And wave pools are the cream of the crop of water parks equipments. As their name suggests, it is a pool whose water is agitated artificially in order to recreate the movement of waves. Just a little more and you believe you're in the sea, and the water is not even salted!

    Areas for young and...old! …

    Even though these previously mentioned facilities delight all tourists young and old alike, the very young are not for all that forgotten. Paddling pools and water games are prominently present in the water parks of these campsites, to the delight of babies, who can make their first steps in the water and have fun with various water jets, magic mushrooms and replica Pirate ships!

    Some water parks are equipped with genuinely fun water games, especially designed so that children can enjoy them safely and have a blast, with water slides adapted to their age, and unusual sprays...

    Find the most beautiful water parks on the Campings.Luxe website! …

    These days considered as a must-have on French high-end campsites, the water park is prominently promoted by these campsites, especially when it comes to attracting new customers. Just to make your mouth water, before jumping in, the experts of Campings.Luxe have elaborated this thematic file, especially dedicated to the top 10 of most beautiful camping water parks...

    The 10 most beautiful water parks on campsites
  • 10/10

    The water park of campsite Les Tournels (Ramatuelle)

    Great tropical oasis on the hills of Ramatuelle, in the Department of the Var, the water park of campsite Les Tournels has been developed as a true water paradise.

    The water park of campsite Les Tournels, with a surface area of 5,000 m², is simply one of the largest in the region Provence Alpes Côtes d'Azur!

    Developed on graduated terraces, its superior part shows a large pool devoted to swimming and aquagym sessions. In its lower part, there's a beautiful lagoon with a gentle slope, allowing to easily enter the water (more so easily as it is heated...), a streaming river and a large paddling pool for children, with many fun-leisure structures.

    A labyrinth of water slides and other toboggans connect the upper and lower part of this water park and it is bordered by elegant wooden sunbathing areas with here and there comfortable sun loungers. Perfect to laze in the sun, they can also be moved into the shade of a palm tree to even better enjoy your book or magazine...

    The water park of campsite Les Tournels (Ramatuelle)
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  • 9/10

    The water park of the La Yole Wine Resort campsite (Valras Plage)

    With its 1,000 m² of pools and its 3,295 m² of beach areas, the La Yole Wine Resort campsite has one of the loveliest aquatic parks in France. There are activities for every holidaymaker from the youngest to the oldest, with lots of aquatic facilities!

    The aquatic park has a specially thought out area for children comprised of a large play paddling pool as well as an additional lagoon. Including fun games, these areas enable children’s imagination to run wild: exploring, defying crocodiles or marvelling at dolphins, so many adventures on offer to them…

    Teenagers and adults are not left out in this huge water park! There are no less than 9 water slides in this park, plenty to offer everyone hours of fun on slides during their holiday in Valras Plage.

    The water park of the La Yole Wine Resort campsite (Valras Plage)
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  • 8/10

    The water park of the Le Letty campsite (Bénodet)

    Have the tropics come to Brittany? This has plenty to surprise you but it is certainly the promise made to you by the Le Letty campsite, located in the delightful seaside resort of Bénodet in Finistère. Its water park clashes with 800 m² of flooded pools amidst tropical vegetation. Dubbed Aquatropic, the water park of the Le Letty campsite proves to be a genuine tropical haven!

    Nestling within this tropical vegetation which takes your breath away, a lagoon with turquoise water gives a West Indian hue to holidaymakers’ stays on the Le Letty campsite.

    Multi-slides and slides with turns, an artificial river, balneotherapy stream, a Jacuzzi, hydromassage jets and even a waterfall, this water park will delight the entire family! The very young will even be able to make the most of a children’s paddling pool equipped with water games.

    The water park of the Le Letty campsite (Bénodet)
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  • 7/10

    The water park of the Le Domaine de la Dragonnière campsite (Vias)

    18,000 m². With so many metres squared dedicated to aquatic delights, this can seem unreal and yet real at the same time! At the Le Domaine de la Dragonnière campsite, there is not one but several aquatic parks on offer to holidaymakers. In total, 4 large areas offer selected activities with unique complementary worlds in Vias.

    The lagoon amazes with its some 10,000 m² of turquoise water around which there is a large sandy beach. Adorned with a number of palm trees, waterfalls, pergolas and banana trees, this lagoon was thought out by its designers as an ode to the Seychelles.

    The “La Cubaine” area is a heated outdoor aquatic area. Water slides, aqua-bikes, a paddling pool: an area thought out for everyone to be able to find an activity to delight them. Perfect for families wishing to share a moment of fun.

    Given over to relaxation, “L’Olympe” is a haven of peace inspired by the classical style. Its aquatic complex is comprised of 2 paddling pools, a relaxation pool, a semi-Olympic pool, as well as a beach club. An aquatic complex which will delight all swimmers.

    Lastly, a fourth area called “La Tropicale” promises you water at 28°C whatever the season. Its gradual depth pool, its paddling pool, its Jacuzzis and its solarium terrace amplify this amazing aquatic park.

    The water park of the Le Domaine de la Dragonnière campsite (Vias)
  • 6/10

    The water park of the Les Mouettes campsite (Carantec)

    And if delight were to be found in Brittany? More precisely in Carantec. The 5-star campsite Les Mouettes has one of the most beautiful water parks in France. Divided into a number of areas: the Blue Lagoon and the AquaGarden, it promises holidaymakers unforgettable times of fun and relaxation.

    The AquaGarden is enjoyed by young children and parents alike as this area combines fun and safety to perfection! This area of 600 m², entirely given over to families and children aged 1 to 10 years, comprises many water games with water of a depth of only a few centimetres. Children love it and parents enjoy this safe area of fun.

    The Blue Lagoon transports holidaymakers amidst tropical vegetation, original for Brittany. This area favours an intergenerational mix as all kinds of activities are possible here. The slides provide thrills and fun in equal measure whilst the tropical river attracts young and old alike.

    In addition to these 2 areas, the ”Balnéoh” offers an additional relaxation area dedicated to wellness. A recreational pool has also been thought out for the very young: plenty to satisfy the entire family!

    The water park of the Les Mouettes campsite (Carantec)
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  • 5/10

    The water park of the campsite Le Château (Saint Hilaire de Riez)

    In Saint Hilaire de Riez, the Le Château campsite offers a unique water park. Consisting of 4 separate areas, children and adults alike can make the most of unforgettable moments of aquatic magic. With 4 thrill-seeker water slides including the Space Hole and the Speed Balls, this water park is full of surprises. Only the most courageous dare to throw themselves into the Space Hole. Taking the form of a funnel, this water slide has many surprises with thrills and spills guaranteed!

    Holidaymakers seeking peace and relaxation can relax in a heated indoor swimming pool with Jacuzzis, or indulge in completing several lengths in the rectangular swimming pool.

    The very young are delighted to be able to let off steam in “l’Aqua Toon”: a splash pad specially thought out for them!

    The water park of the campsite Le Château (Saint Hilaire de Riez)
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  • 4/10

    The water park of campsite Le Vieux Port (Messanges)

    With its surface of about 7,000 m², this water park on the 5-star campsite Le Vieux Port in Messanges is simply one of the largest in its kind in France! A real water paradise, to the delight of all residents of this establishment in the Landes...

    Needless to add superlatives upon superlatives to describe the largest water theme park of all French campsites. We remind you only the 1 400 m² of water surface of this park, divided into seven pools with a large wave lagoon, reproducing the undulations of the sea currents.

    Two other outdoor pools allow guests to swim laps and to practise apnoea in the depths of these pools, while two wading pools, of which one is heated at 28° C are reserved for the youngest.

    The water park of campsite Le Vieux Port also features an indoor swimming pool heated at 28° C and two spas, of which one is heated at the same temperature.

    Finally, three water slides complete it and make it one of the best water parks in France. Two of them, the "fun" and the "kamikaze" are reserved for the more than 10 years old.

    Finally, note that with 700 sun loungers spread over the sunbathing areas, it is not difficult to find a place to spread your towel and work on your tan!

    The water park of campsite Le Vieux Port (Messanges)
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  • 3/10

    The water park of campsite La Sirène (Argeles sur Mer)

    Already considered to be one of the most beautiful campsites in France, La Sirène in Argelès sur Mer, in the Pyrenees Orientales, has launched the challenge to open one of the largest water parks in Europe at the beginning of the season 2014! With more than 10,000 m², this seems a successful gamble...

    10 hectares! This figure may sound crazy and could certainly make dizzy number of European campsites, but apparently campsite La Sirène is confident, it is a true fan of of records and applies "an always more and always better" motto to satisfy its customers.

    Significantly expanded in 2014, the surface of this water park being multiplied by three, it features today 2,000 m² of pools surrounded by tropical vegetation, sunbathing areas and many lawned and wooded spaces, offering lounging lovers a more than pleasant comfort and peace.

    Designed to meet in the best possible way the needs and desires of the swimmers, this water park has a new heated swimming pool of 620 m², entirely devoted to children, with water slides adapted to their morphology, water jets, a climbing wall and many fun water games.

    The youngest can also enjoy the lagoon with a gentle slope, water slides and magic fountains, specifically designed for the water awakening of babies.

    Two other covered and heated pools, an aquatic structure for children, a multi-track toboggan and three tube slides complete this water park, simply beyond what is considered as normal!

    The water park of campsite La Sirène (Argeles sur Mer)
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  • 2/10

    The water park of campsite Les Mimosas (Portiragnes)

    In Portiragnes Beach, in the Department of the Aude, campsite Les Mimosas features one of the most beautiful water parks of France. Amongst a wave pool and amazing water slides, there's no shortage of unusual and high-end facilities in this establishment on the Languedoc coast...

    The different pools and attractions which make up this water park are slap bang in the middle of scenery coming straight out of the extravagant imagination of its designers, between tropical vegetation, an ancient fort and statues of dragons.

    Four pools are divided into two landing pools for water slides, a wave lagoon reproducing the movement of ocean currents, and a large pool for swimming, diving and other fun water activities that may take place here, like aquaerobics sessions, water polo games and even water games held at night...

    The water park of the Les Mimosas campsite also has a counter-current river, a paddling pool and a Jacuzzi, but also and especially 6 water slides each crazier than the rest!

    The Space Hole is certainly the most original of them, starting with a high speed drop through a tube to accumulate speed and adrenalin before being thrown into a giant funnel. After several rotations, the daredevils end up in a swimming pool, through the giant waterfall just after the funnel's end...

    The water park of campsite Les Mimosas (Portiragnes)
  • 1/10

    The water park of campsite le Domaine le Pommier (Villeneuve de Berg)

    Surprise! In the heart of the Ardèche, and not on the Atlantic or the Mediterranean Sea, lies the most beautiful camping water park of France. So, the Palm for the first place of this Top 10 of Campings.Luxe goes to le Domaine le Pommier with its "Aqua Ardèche".

    Only accessible for guests of le Domaine le Pommier during the summer season, this magnificent water park is open to everyone during the low season, the chance for many to discover this temple of water fun.

    It is true that, with such facilities, Aqua Ardèche does not simply compete with camping water parks, but also with the more important water amusement parks, like Aqualand and Marineland.

    This water park, defining itself as the largest residential water park in France, features three huge pools; the Pirate Pool, the Sports Pool and the Tropicana Pool.

    Let's pause for a moment on the Pirate pool. True aquatic playground for children, there is a life-size replica of a pirate Galleon, with its water cannons, its tilting bucket spilling each time more than 300 litres of water on the structure, its mini slides and other attractions!

    If these pools guarantee a high fun level, it is first and foremost the slides that constitute the real strong asset of Aqua Ardèche. They are six (not counting the other toboggans) and give tourists the chills, just by evoking their names: the Multihill, the Anaconda, the Hillaracer, the Super Anaconda, the Viper, the Aqualoop and the Family Slide...

    The water park of campsite le Domaine le Pommier (Villeneuve de Berg)
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