10 good reasons to spend your holiday on a luxury campsite

  • 10 good reasons to spend your holiday on a luxury campsite
  • Because here we find everything we need to make it the favourite tourist accommodation of the French
  • Because it's the good life
  • Because the food is good!
  • Because here we can afford originality
  • Because luxury campsites are ideally located
  • Because here children are pampered
  • Because the adults are pampered too!
  • Because we are not ready to get bored here!
  • Because the water park of a luxury campsite is also very important!
  • Because they are cost saving
  • For more than a decade now, we observe a strong enthusiasm for camping, something we never saw before in France. Quintessential popular tourist accommodation, the camping has been able to renew itself by means of investments and innovations, offering comfort and facilities that nowadays are just as good as all the other types of holiday accommodation. These transformations were such that the term of outdoor hospitality industry has appeared in the camping vocabulary, as the services offered by these campsites are nowadays very close to the services we find more commonly in the traditional hospitality sector.

    During this period, some campsites, independent or members of a chain, have invested more than others. They have transformed their modest grounds in real high-end properties, where impressive leisure facilities now cohabit with luxury accommodations, grouped in carefully manicured districts, and all this in order to provide ever more comfort to the tourist. These establishments are nowadays qualified as luxury campsites, and you will discover, in this thematic file, 10 good reasons to spend your next holiday on a luxury campsite.

    10 good reasons to spend your holiday on a luxury campsite
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    Because here we find everything we need to make it the favourite tourist accommodation of the French

    Year after year, study after study, figure after figure, the same conclusion is drawn; No other type of tourist accommodation has such a positive image than camping. In fact, the French hold the camping and caravanning in high esteem because, for a large majority of them, camping is synonymous with friendly holidays, reconciliation with nature and it is a factor of social diversity.

    Many reasons try to explain the love story that link the French with camping, being, and by far, the favourite holiday accommodation in France. Each year, they are 6 million spending their holiday on one of the 10,000 campsites in the country, offering France the first European outdoor accommodation capacity and the second in the world, behind the United States of America. The positive image of camping in France reflects also outside its national borders, since every year, 2 to 3 million foreigners also travel to French campsites.

    Among the reasons traditionally put forward to explain the popularity of camping in France, the ones coming up the most when we ask the campers are the quality-price ratio, the conviviality, the proximity to nature, the freedom to change the holiday destination, the all-inclusive offers (accommodation, activities, leisure), the range of activities and entertainment and the quality of the facilities.

    A holiday on a luxury campsite allows to find all these advantages, and many more, as you can see in the following points!

    Because here we find everything we need to make it the favourite tourist accommodation of the French
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    Because it's the good life

    Staying on a luxury campsite nowadays, for a few days or a few weeks, is an amazing experience where the terms of conviviality, harmony, well-being, relaxation and fun are not just vain words. Life on a luxury campsite is the opportunity to get closer to the people with whom you're sharing your stay, whether they are family or friends, but it also favours the social diversity. It's the opportunity to meet wonderful new people, to make new relationships and to share all the great moments which, ultimately, although simple in appearance are moments of happiness and give meaning to life.

    But life on a campsite is not just these moments of conviviality, it is also the chance to enjoy all the quality facilities provided to the guests of a luxury campsite. These facilities can take the form of rental accommodation in which we find a wide range of equipments and services to ensure a high comfort level: air conditioning, equipped kitchen, soundproof room, modern bedding, high definition TV, WiFi connection, etc.

    These facilities can also take the form of quite remarkable leisure facilities, from the dream water park, like the one on camping Le Pommier, to last generation sports complexes, like the one we find on les Ranchisses, or the fabulous wellness centre of le Ranolien and the fun ropes course of le Parc de Fierbois.

    Finally, the good life on a luxury campsite is made out of relaxation and rest, enjoying the passage of time, the sun and the singing of the cicadas in the South of France, an atmosphere redolent of holiday!

    Because it's the good life
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    Because the food is good!

    When you travel, or go on holiday, it is also the opportunity to discover a new cuisine, regional and/or summer dishes that you're not used to eat back home. And that's great, because when you stay on a luxury campsite you don't have to go far to taste the best of the local cuisine. All these establishments boast indeed at least one gourmet restaurant!

    And the least we can say is that the food is good in these restaurants. They offer typical summer menus with salads and fish and chips, but the local home made specialities made out of fresh local products are also very successful.

    Part of the success of these restaurants is the environment and the scenery in which they are settled, luxury campsites very rarely neglect this aspect. Thus, and very often, the tables are set in beautiful buildings, as on le Domaine Les Ranchisses, where one of its two restaurants, "L'Auberge", lies in a former stone sericulture building dating back to 1824. With its air conditioned vaulted room with stone masonry and its atypical decoration, there is no doubt that it will impress the campers who come to taste the Ardèche specialities that are served here.

    At le Domaine des Ormes, a 5-star campsite in Ille et Vilaine, there are no less than six restaurants. Here too, local Breton specialities are on the menu in "la table de l’Oie Gourmande", "le Cellier ", "chez Madeleine" or "L’auberge de ma Cour Verte"…

    But on luxury campsites the food is not only good in the restaurants. Many campsites propose during high season, at least once a week, markets with local producers. Here tourists can buy lots of fresh products and some can prepare these in the fully equipped kitchen and serve it on the terrace of their mobile home!

    Because the food is good!
  • 7/10

    Because here we can afford originality

    And Yes! There's nothing better than a luxury campsite to go glamping! Glamping, a contraction of glamour and camping, is a new trend in the outdoor hospitality industry that appeared in the mid-2000s. A clever mix of luxury and nature, of comfort and respect for the environment, glamping plays perfectly the role of atypical as it aims to offer unusual and original accommodation in places, which, at first glance, are not made for that...

    Wooden huts perched in the top of a tree, small floating houses in the middle of a pond, Gaulish huts, Mongolian yurts, Indian wigwams, Gypsy trailers, etc. Nowadays we find a lot of these unusual accommodations on luxury campsites, like on le Domaine des Ormes, in Ille et Vilaine, where there are more glamping offers, or on le Parc des Alicourts, great campsite in the heart of the Sologne.

    Some of these establishments have pushed originality even further, like the Village Western, a 4-star campsite in Gironde, considered the first theme campsite in France. It lies in a real setting of the Wild West, where the tourists can stay in wigwams and cowboy villages. On the holiday programme, many fun attractions and activities to discover life as it could be experienced at the time of the conquest of the West! There's nothing better than a luxury campsite to spend a glamorous and original holiday...

    Because here we can afford originality
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    Because luxury campsites are ideally located

    One of the great assets of luxury campsites, it is that the vast majority enjoys an idyllic environment They are either settled in the middle of a forest, in front of a beach, by the river or in the park of a noble residence. They allow tourists who go there to enjoy a more than perfect scenery to change their mind and to discover, every morning upon awakening, a landscape where nature is in its place...

    The major advantage of a certain number of luxury campsites thus is their proximity with a tourist site like le Panorama du Pyla; situated at the foot of the famous eponymous dune, in the Gironde Departement, or L' Orangerie de Lanniron, a fantastic establishment settled on the 38 acres of the old residence of the Bishops of Quimper, an exceptional property located at the edge of the Odet River, considered by many as the most beautiful French river.

    Others can put forward their idyllic situation by the sea or by the lake, at only a few steps from a paradisiacal sandy beach, like le Beach Garden, next to the beach of Marseillan, or near a natural and wild creek, like Les Criques de Porteils, one of the most beautiful campsites on the Côte Vermeille, in the Pyrenees Orientales.

    Because luxury campsites are ideally located
  • 5/10

    Because here children are pampered

    And that's the least we can say! Luxury campsites pay close attention to children and adolescents. By entertaining them, the campsites relieve the parents, who can thus enjoy more free time to rest or do other activities, knowing that their kiddos spend a great time having fun.

    This attention paid to the youth and the parents can be verified from the earliest age. It is indeed not rare to find, on 4 and 5 star campsites, baby areas, destined to the less than 3 years old, accompanied and supervised by a parent, and where the toddlers can have fun, awaken their senses and motor skills through a multitude of games and toys adapted to their morphology, as for example on the campsite of les Iles de Pénestin, in Brittany.

    As for the leisure equipments, the finest campsites in France don't skimp on the means either. Whether it's indoor facilities (video games room, ping pong tables, etc.) or outdoor facilities, such as swings, trampolines, climbing walls and spider webs, jumping castles or ultra modern and impressive playgrounds, looking like a replica of a castle as on le Boucanet or a windmill as on le Moulinal, there's everything for the youngest to have fun during their holiday!

    We note by the way that some campsites, like l'Atlantique, a 4-star campsite in Fouesnant, start to equip their property with real covered playgrounds for children, where, on many hundreds of square meters, we find tubular games, giant structures, last generation console games and lots of other surprises!

    One of the other major assets of luxury campsites, it is that they all have at least one children's club. In a vast majority of them, we find up to three kids clubs, in order to put together the age groups of 5 to 7, 8 to 12 and 13 to 17. Each of them offers a range of activities and different animations, adapted to each generation and organized by qualified youth leaders who are sometimes able to speak several languages.

    Finally, this attention paid to children is also found in the water parks of these establishments. They all have at least a paddling pool, but nowadays we see more often real fun water playgrounds, especially adapted for the youngest. Here, we find for example water fountains, mini slides, water jets, etc! In short, everything to awaken the water senses of the youngest, in a safe and secure place.

    Because here children are pampered
  • 4/10

    Because the adults are pampered too!

    Just like the children, the adults are pampered too when they stay on a luxury campsite. Everything is done to make them feel good, because ultimately, satisfied tourists are likely to come back the following year, or at least spread the word! Therefore, it is essential to make their stay unforgettable, and to make their holiday a pure moment of pleasure, relaxation and well-being!

    The general well-being of the guests is what all luxury campsites try to achieve. Even if all of the above listed points participate in making the campers happy and satisfied, there is another way to achieve this goal. Number of luxury campsites use this feature, and it is very likely that this trend will continue in the years to come. This "miracle", if we may say so, is in all simplicity, the "wellness" area!

    It exists on many campsites. These wellness areas exclusively reserved for adults, are entirely dedicated to staying in shape and the key words are rest and relaxation. Here you can enjoy different body and facial treatments, massages, beauty care, etc. In these wellness areas you will often find a balneotherapy area, a spa, whirlpools, massaging baths, a sauna, a hammam, etc.

    Of all the wellness centres we can mention the ones of campsite le Soleil Vivarais, le Port du Plaisance, le Sérignan Plage or even le Secret de Camargue, etc

    Because the adults are pampered too!
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    Because we are not ready to get bored here!

    There's one thing for sure; on a luxury camping, it is hardly possible to get bored. Outdoor camping establishments offer the advantage of leaving the choice to campers of what they wish to do during the day, they can laze all day, go to a nearby beach or visit the tourist sights that surround the campsite, but they can also enjoy the many activities and make their stay even more pleasant.

    From the break of dawn to sunset, campers can be entertained the whole day by the activities and events on the luxury campsite. The morning is often devoted to sports activities, as the morning temperatures are more adequate for physical activity during the summer season.

    Aquagym is certainly one of the most popular activities. As its name suggests, aquagym consists of doing gymnastics (and muscular awakening) in the water of a swimming pool. Campsite's hosts, lifeguards or professional trainers are responsible to animate these sessions, suitable for young and old and also for people who are no athletes at all. Still in the water, aqua-biking consists of cycling in the water, and is a strongly developing activity.

    On many luxury campsites we also find a fitness rooms with state of the art devices. Other trend followers put the fitness material directly at the disposal of tourists in the great outdoors, like on the campsite of L'Arinella Bianca for example, where you can work out directly on the beach, your eyes fixed on the turquoise horizon of the Mediterranean Sea!

    In the afternoon, the fun and more festive activities are on the program! Thus, on campsite Les Sablons in Portiragnes, every summer real Olympics are organized. During this competition various entertaining sports events await the campers...

    Other campsites organize cooking classes or manual workshops to entertain the campers, as for example on Le Cala Gogo, where you can attend a workshop to learn how to make tapas. Thanks to the photo workshops organized by Le Ranolien, tourists who stay there can take great shots of the Granit Rose coast...

    Finally, in the evening, these activities are replaced by evening entertainment bringing all generations together around a warm and friendly event!

    Because we are not ready to get bored here!
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    Because the water park of a luxury campsite is also very important!

    Often considered as state-of-the-art facility on luxury campsites, the water park is a sales argument that can, all by itself, influence the destination choice of tourists. It must be said that they represent in the collective imagination real temples of fun and relaxation, where everyone can swim and have fun with the water equipments. But they also represent lounging and suntanning on the many sun loungers bordering the pools.

    Water slides, wave pools, whirlpools, fun water structures for children, artificial lagoons, etc. Today in the water parks of luxury campsites we find countless terrific facilities. These water parks, every year stormed by young and old, offer real paradisiacal swimming conditions, since many are heated up to 28° C!

    To go to our thematic file with the 10 most beautiful camping water parks click here!

    Because the water park of a luxury campsite is also very important!
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    Because they are cost saving

    Even though the comfort and the services found on luxury campsites have completely changed, compared to the services offered by these same establishments a few years ago, the displayed prices still remain very attractive, especially if we compare them to other forms of tourist accommodation. Even better, no other holiday resort can boast to offer so many leisure facilities, equipments and comfort together in one single package and in one single place than the 4 and 5 star campsites,

    The prices of these high-end outdoor establishments explain a great part of their success. High quality resorts, they have been able to stay popular and they enable millions of people to go on holiday each year without having to break the bank and to enjoy all the assets, like the ones we have mentioned in this thematic file. So, do not hesitate any more and do like them, offer yourself a dream holiday on a luxury campsite!

    Because they are cost saving
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